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Bible Activity Collection for Women’s Ministry

Author:  Julia Bettencourt
Bible Discussion Sheets, Lesson Handouts, and Bible Challenges.
Items previously available on the Creative Ladies Website

Includes over 55 items (not counting any answer keys)!


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Bible Activity Collection


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  • This download is packed with things that were previously offered on the website.  If you have regularly downloaded items from the website, you may already have already downloaded these before they were placed in the Shop. Please purchase thoughtfully as no refunds will be given. Thanks for your understanding.
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  • Author:  Julia Bettencourt
  • Any Scripture references are from the KJV. (including spelling).
  • Some clip art used is by Trina Clark. Purchased at Digi Scrap Kits Those are clearly marked with credit to her. All other clip art is from credit/royalty-free sources.
  • This download includes a variety of Bible-related handouts for Women’s Ministry.


Lesson/Discussion/Handout Sheets
These are NOT full Bible lessons. They are mostly handouts and discussion questions that went with devotionals that were previously on the website.

  • Attitudes
    • Altering Attitudes
    • Altering Attitudes Answer Key
  • Discussion Questions (Various)
    • Lady Bug (being a lady)
    • Dragonfly (eyes wide open)
    • Bee (being busy – priorities)
    • Lightening Bug (de”light”ing in God’s Word)
    • Flower Language (watching our tongues, actions)
    • Roses (kindness)
    • Flies (habits)
    • Pretty Flowers All in a Row(being gracious, contentment)
    • “Son” Flowers (following Christ)
    • “Upsy” Daisy (facing hard moments)
    • Butterflies (staying close to Christ)
  • Foolish Women
    • O, Those Foolish, Foolish Women
  • Friendship
    • Friendship Questions
    • Friendship Answer Key
  • Holiday/Seasonal
    • Count Your Blessings Survey
    • Heart Check Up
    • In Like a Lion
    • Purse for all Seasons
    • What Kind of Heart do you Have?
    • Going on a Nature Walk
    • Out with the Old. Bring in the New (New Years)
    • October (Breast Cancer Awareness)
    • Thanksgiving Praise
  • Job – Trials
    • Job: Tried and True
    • Job:Tried and True Answer Key
  • Lost
    • Lost and Found – Luke 15
    • Lost and Found Answer Key
    • Lost (Who Lost What?) Printable Icebreaker
    • Lost Icebreaker Answer Key
  • Mad Men (Previously used for March Madness)
    • Mad Man: The Man from Gadara Mark 5
    • Mad Man: Nebuchadnezzar the King Daniel 4
    • Mad Man: Keeping our Sanity in a Crazy World – Philippians 1
  • Monsters (Previously used around Halloween)
    • Monsters in my Closet—pride, jealousy, selfishness
    • Monsters Behavior Word Search
  • School/Wisdom
    • Back to School
    • Get Schooled Outline
    • Get Wisdom
    • Get Wisdom Answer Key
  • Tea
    • Come to Tea
  • Various
    • 7 Ships Discussion Questions
    • A Spoonful of Sugar
    • All Dolled Up (various personalities)
    • Awaken Your Senses outline
    • Bear Burdens
    • Dealing with Signs
    • Do the Flamingo!
    • Don’t Flip Flop on your Faith
    • Keep Calm
    • Let it Go!
    • Little Things Mean A Lot
    • Lessons from “Meant” Words
    • Pioneer Spirit
    • Priority Messages
    • Promises Verse Study Idea
    • SOAP Bible Study Form
    • Take it Slow
    • What Makes us Full (study of “ful” words)


Bible Challenge Handout Sheets

  • Bible Challenges – (2 pages) Various ideas for different ways to challenge your women for memorization and study.
  • 30 Day 3 Up Bible Reading Challenge (1 page)
  • 14 Day “Love” Memory Verse Challenge (1 page)
  • 14 Day “Loving Others” Memory Verse Challenge (1 page)
  • 14 Day “Loving God’s Word” Memory Verse Challenge (1 page)
  • 14 Day “Love Talk” Memory Verse Challenge (1 page)


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The material enclosed in these downloads is copyright 2001-2017 Julia Bettencourt. All rights reserved.


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Bible Activity for Women's Ministry


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