Falling for Copper Decor

It’s a real copp-out!

I first saw Erin over at the Cotton Stem Blog mention in her Insta Stories that she was going to use copper in her fall decorating.  What a great idea!  Thanks, Erin.  I loved this idea, especially since it wasn’t  using seasonal fall decorations that are massed produced and all look the same.  Like everyone having the same pilgrims from Hobby Lobby and the same pumpkins from Marshalls.


This copper thing was just using what you have or could find in a great fall color—copper!  Think copper kissed leaves on beautiful trees and gorgeous sunsets that God has graciously touched with his hand.

The search was on!

I searched around and found several little copper things at yard sales that I was able to implement into my fall decor.  I have a few copper teapots sitting on my shelves.  A few containers I used for plants, and a few other miscellaneous copper finds.


One thing I decided while roaming around the hardware store was to use copper pipe fittings as stems for some of my DIY pumpkins.  I made some fabric pumpkins for the shelving on each side of my fireplace with some upholstery fabric which I got on sale. The colors were perfect!  I added in the copper pipe fittings for the stems and used a little curled copper wire to give them a little personality.  Hey!  What’s a pumpkin without some personality?  Well, he’s just pulp!

These pumpkins are just sitting on top of some greenery in terracotta pots.  To make the pots look that way, I ran a little joint compound over them and just let them dry.  No paint or anything.  I just wanted to tone down the terra cotta.

Fall painted pumpkins

I also added the copper fittings into some of the dollar store type pumpkins that I painted.  That’s a little copper canister where that pumpkin is sitting in the photo above–a thrift store find. I just turned the lid sideways and placed it inside for the pumpkin to lean against.  Those pumpkins were ones I had for several years.  They look so much better with a little paint.  I just played around with some different paint colors to add some shading between the grooves.


Tip for you…

This is one of those craft tips I shared on my old blog forever ago.  If you don’t do this or haven’t heard it somewhere before…use paint samples for crafting.  I probably wouldn’t use it for a group of kids to craft with but for DIY type crafts you are doing for your home, it is the perfect thing.  I haven’t bought hardly any craft paint in the last ten years.  Paint samples are so much cheaper in the long run than craft paints and go so much further.  Plus you can pick any color and have it made up just for your project.  You don’t have to rely on the limited colors at the craft stores.  Okay, please don’t ask me what colors I used to paint these little guys.  I had all types of green and blues in my stash.


Do any of you like the copper trend that is going on in home decor and accessories?  I love it.  I wouldn’t want too much of it but I think a few accents here and there can look just beautiful.  Leave a comment and weigh in on your thoughts on copper.


Creative blessings,

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