DIY Tabletop Christmas Trees

O Christmas floral stems! O Christmas floral stems! How lovely are your branches!


I wanted several small tabletop trees to bunch together like on my table and I wanted some for our living room as well.  I have only a couple of those that I got from Target several years ago.  So I’ve been looking around and I just couldn’t find any I liked except that were a little too expensive.

Tabletop DIY Christmas Trees from Floral Stems

The shape of a tree

I know they have those little $3.00 ones in the dollar bins at Target but they are just not the right look or something.  Too perfectly shaped, maybe?  I’m not sure.  I wanted some with the branches a little more sparse.  I don’t even know how to describe it.  Maybe a little Charlie Brown type?  I just know that the ones I liked were priced way too high for my budget friendly reasoning because I wanted several of them.


I kept thinking the little trees I saw that I liked looked just like the Christmas greenery floral stems from the craft stores.  Did you see the little ones at Target too that were just stuck in a piece of wood for the base?  Now those definitely looked like just a floral stem stuck into a piece of wood.   So, I decided to just go with the idea of putting the greenery floral stems into a container to make my trees.  Couldn’t hurt to try.

DIY Christmas Mini Trees for Tabletops


Okay, before I tried this, I checked out all of the greenery stems I could find.  This means I stood there in the craft stores and bent the branches apart and opened them all up so I could tell how they were going to look straight up as a “tree”.  I had to try every variation of greenery stems that looked the slightest Christmas-tree-y. (Yeah!  I know that’s not a real word.)


Sorry if you were the ones that shopped after me in JoAnns and Hobby Lobby for greenery and found floral greenery stems all opened and bent apart all over the place.  I was doing research.  Yes.  I’m that person!  You know you can’t put those stems back where they belong in the bins and shelves after they’ve been opened up to their fullest.  They won’t fit and they never close back up right.  I did try though.

Tabletop DIY Christmas Tree Project

The Outcome

It worked!  Some things you research and plan and plan and then plan some more and maybe they don’t work out, but this was one of those things that worked on the first try.  Love that.  Of course, someone probably has done this before.  I just couldn’t find any directions anywhere so I had to try it out.


I placed styrofoam into little galvanized buckets and then just stuck the stems into the styrofoam.   Then I just played around with the branches to get them looking like I wanted.   I finished them off placing in moss and a few of them by wrapping the bottom of the trees with buffalo plaid bandanas.  This hid any styrofoam that showed.  It didn’t take me all of two minutes to make each tree.  It was that easy!


Hooray!  Love it when a plan comes together.  I did end up taking them out and spraying them with that spray “Snow”.  They are not flocked, just sprayed with fake “snow” in a can.  I wanted them a little lighter green.  I just wasn’t a fan of the darker green, so the fake snow in a can worked out fine for what I wanted.   Although, I may end up making some homemade flocking and add that to these little trees on down the road.

Winter Wonderland DIY Christmas Tree

These are really going in different parts of my house,
but I had to make them all into a forest first!

There shall be trees

I bought several different greenery floral stems for my little trees from Hobby Lobby.  Mostly though, they are the $1.99 ones.  I did buy a few of the more expensive ones at $4.99.  (Discount on both kinds for 50% Christmas though).  Anyhow, now that I have them sprayed with snow and placed in their little containers, can I even tell which I paid more for?  Well, no!!


I think the more expensive ones just had a few more little branches on them or something.  They didn’t seem to be any bigger.  After I took the price tags off, I couldn’t tell the difference even before I sprayed them and put them in containers.  Maybe the higher priced ones are made better or something.  Who knows!


Finishing Touches

My thought originally was to put these little trees into recycled tin cans but I kept forgetting and throwing any cans I used away.  I ended up using these little galvanized bucket type containers from Hobby Lobby.  They were pretty reasonably priced because the metal items were 50% off when I bought them.  The moss I had already.  The bandanas were .99 cents.  Read more about using bandanas for Christmas decorating on this blog post.  All in all these trees were pretty inexpensive to make and they were the style I wanted.  I think they look pretty cute for just some stems and containers.


I put a few on each side of the fireplace shelves with the thrifted mirrors that I have on each side.  I played around with a little chalk to make the chalkboard art trees you see in the photos.  That was pretty easy.  Just lines basically.  Those are just boards from an old broken bookcase that I painted with chalkboard paint several years ago.  I usually slap something on those seasonally.

 Christmas Tree Chalkboard and DIY Trees

Then shall all the trees of the wood rejoice

Yep.  Just call me Johnny Julia Pineseed.  I am planting forests all over my house.  I think it’s fitting too because remember those verses in the Bible where it talks about the trees rejoicing and the trees clapping their hands when it is talking about worshipping God?  Well, I shall think of that when I see these trees around my house, because after all, Christmas is all about celebrating the birth of Christ.  I know my trees are rejoicing!


 “Let the field be joyful, and all that is therein:
then shall all the trees of the wood rejoice ”  Psalm 96:11


Thanks for stopping by and walking into the forest with me.  What kind of Christmas tree do you have?  This year we have a Douglas Fir.  Real.  It’s not decorated yet.  We go back and forth between Noble Firs and Douglas Firs.  My husband is on Team Douglas and I’m on Team Noble.


For the last few years we’ve had Doughlas Firs, just cause they were a little nicer where we ended up buying them.  I would have preferred a Noble Fir this year but I just didn’t care for the ones at the lots here.  Team Douglas won out again!  It’s okay though, I really like this tree we picked out.  It’s already beautiful even without any decorations on it yet.


Creative blessings,

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    These trees are so cute, and I really like that Psalm to go with them

    December 6, 2017 at 1:20 am
    • Reply Julia Bettencourt

      Thanks so much! I’ve always liked that Psalm.

      December 6, 2017 at 9:56 am

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