Buffalo Plaid Budget Friendly Napkins

…and ma in her kerchief…


I’m loving all the buffalo plaid for Christmas out there.   It’s everywhere.  I really wanted some buffalo plaid napkins this year and I saw some early on when I wasn’t really in the Christmas buying mood yet.  They were nice but a little expensive.  There were only four in the set and so I’d have to get two sets just for our family and it’s always nice to have extra in a set of napkins in case you ever have company.  It was going to be expensive to get the amount I wanted so I passed up those pretty buffalo plaid napkins.

Christmas Breakfast Tablescape with Buffalo Plaid

 Fast-forward several weeks…

I am in Hobby Lobby, strolling through just enjoying all the goodies there to look at and humming to the beautiful Christian music that they play in there.   Okay, sometimes I catch myself singing in there because you know I know all the words to all the songs they play in that store.  People start staring and yeah!  I know I’ve been singing aloud again!


On with the story.  I go down the wearable arts aisle (guess that’s what it’s called).  You know where they have all the stuff like hats and things to embellish.  Anyway, they have tons of bandanas in there and lo and behold what did I spy with my little eyes?  Drum roll, please…buffalo plaid bandanas!  Napkins….Napkins…..I thought!  Yeah!  Poor Ma, can’t “settle down for a long winter’s nap” in her “kerchief” as The Night Before Christmas goes.  I’m taking ma’s “kerchief” and turning it into a napkin!

Stacked Plates Buffalo Plaid Napkins

Now it’s not a new concept to use bandanas as napkins.  It’s a very old idea, it’s just with all the new styles of bandanas they have available now, that they can become very fun.  Buffalo plaid ones?  Well, that’s very fun indeed.

Christmas Buffalo Plaid Napkins

By the way, these are called, “Red & Black Buffalo Plaid” online at Hobby Lobby, but when I got mine at the store, they were labeled “Lumberjack” so that’s the scoop in case you have trouble finding them.Christmas Table Settings with Buffalo Plaid Napkin

Staying on budget

When I first found these, they only had 6 in stock so I had to wait until the next week to get more.  Then when I went in they had 12 in stock.  Yes.  I took all of those too.  And you know what?  When I paid for them each time, it didn’t make me cringe or make me feel bad at all for spending money,  I felt happy!  Saved money and went home with something cute to use as napkins for my Christmas table.  Win. Win.


Decorating with Buffalo Plaid Bandanas

Oh, so versatile

You can do more for Christmas with these buffalo plaid bandanas than just using them for napkins.  I used a few to wrap around the base of my little Christmas trees.  I can see them lining bread baskets for a meal.  Lining galvanized buckets and tubs for decorating.  Ooooh.  How about wrapping the entire base of a mini tabletop Christmas tree and tying twine around it?  What about tying them around Christmas tree branches if you had a big tree.  Using them as table scarves.  Lining trays with them.  Sewing a couple of them up into pillows.  Need I go on?  I wouldn’t do all these ideas together at one time of course because it would be very easy to go overboard with such a strong pattern, but trying a few ideas out might be fun.


What about you?   Is buffalo plaid up your ally?  Do you have any other ideas how to use these bandanas for Christmas?  Leave a comment.  I’d love to hear what you have to say.


Creative blessings,


This is not sponsored or endorsed by Hobby Lobby.  I just enjoy finding items there that work in my budget.

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