I am just beginning my path of advertising on my website.  I am looking for home-related websites, companies,  and brands to collaborate with me on my journey of fixing up our old home (built in 1958).  I’ve been online for over 16 years with the Creative Ladies Ministry Website (on a few different urls at the beginning and finally using my name as the domain) and have shared mostly my writing endeavors along with event preparation ideas, plus splashes of DIY and craft touches.  I now want to expand that DIY side of me, along with concentrating on hospitality and home.

I’ve grown a good size audience of website visitors for never advertising my website.  Also, I’ve never accepted a single ad on my site and never sponsored a single product.  Times have changed for me though and now I’m starting in a whole new direction and am at a point where I would welcome collaboration.  I’m open to discussion where that is concerned.

I know!  I’m starting in a whole new path so taking a chance with me could be a scary thing.  I promise though that I will work hard to give you good exposure and work with you in the best way possible for your brand or product.  I know because I have dismantled my website by removing so many pages that my traffic will change and my rankings in the search engines will go down dramatically.   It just has to be done though for a lot of reasons but mostly to retain the integrity of my devotional writing endeavors.


At the moment (as of 11/20/17), my stats are the following:

Pinterest = 23,612 followers
Facebook = 11, 847 (women’s’ ministry page)
Website Monthly Visitors = 65,387 (Awstats average for last 12 months)
Creative Ladies Yahoo Group  = 2, 199 (Mailing List Only-No Discussion)


Thanks for your consideration.  Please contact me if interested.


Disclosure Policy:

I have never had to worry about a carefully worded Disclosure Statement for my website before because I have never accepted advertising or compensation in any form.  That, however, is changing as I look forward to moving my website into more of a place to earn extra income for our family.  You know…bills to be paid off and all that!

At the moment I do not have any advertising on the blog; however, I have signed up for Amazon affiliate links and will be accepting a few sidebar banners so I had to get the following information in place.


  • So, first, let me say that this is a personal blog and website written by me.  I feel that I must write all of my posts to reflect me because that is what the “personal” is all about!  The posts and any items and products that I write and promote here are things that I am passionate about and feel represents me, my style, and personality.
  • I accept forms of paid advertising and sponsorships; however, I reserve the right to refuse to promote any products or brand that I don’t feel comfortable with and that aren’t in tune with my style, direction, and principles.
  • Anything I have ever shared website without compensation in way of products has always been those things that I have loved sharing.  Now that I am beginning to accept advertising and revenue from the blog, that will not change.  Any products that get exposure here are always going to be things that I enjoy, love, maybe am longing for myself, or maybe something new that I think is worth trying.
  • I accept cash advertising, free products, services, sponsorship, and other forms of compensation.  Any blog post containing advertising and promotion will be clearly marked as such.
  • Compensation received from advertising may influence my blog content,  but that content will not affect my opinion and views of that product or service.  I will meet all promotions and advertising with integrity and honesty concerning products and services that I choose to promote here on my blog.  If I do write a review, you can be assured that I will be honest with you.  Everyone doesn’t always like everything but trying out new products, decor, and even styles are part of what makes life fun.  Am I right?
  • All views and opinions expressed regarding products and services on this blog are entirely my own; however, any product claims by companies and brands promoted are entirely their own and any concerns regarding those should be taken up with the company or manufacturer in question.


Privacy Policy:

Because I am starting a mailing list and also will be offering some affiliate advertising links, I have to inform you of the following.

  • We do not share personal information with third-parties nor do we store information we collect about your visit to this blog for use other than to analyze content performance through the use of cookies, which you can turn off at anytime by modifying your Internet browser’s settings.
  • We are not responsible for republished content from this blog on other blogs or websites without our permission.
  • This privacy policy is subject to change without notice and was last updated on 11/20/17.   If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


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