Memory Verse Challenge

    Loving to Serve!


    I have done a Bible Memory Verse Challenge leading up to Valentine for four years now.  This will be the 5th year.  Even though I’ve removed the women’s ministry material,  I always did this through my Creative Ladies Ministry Facebook Page and I thought I would still go ahead and do it again this year.


    My Facebook Page is still active and also I have a Creative Ladies Ministry Group in case you haven’t heard yet.  Still can’t believe the way it has grown in just a few months.  Already over 1800 ladies interacting on there!  Praise the Lord!

    Valentine's Memory Verse Challenge

    This year, the memory verses for the challenge are all about “Loving to Serve”.  I hope you will grab the download and join along with me.  I know some of them already but others I haven’t committed to memory so I will be memorizing along with you!  We take a verse a day starting February 1 and leading up to Valentines Day.  If you want to follow along, stop in on the CLM Facebook Page.


    Be sure to use the download link below the image.

    Loving to Serve Bible Verse Challenge



    Download User Policy:

    Permission given to print this material for personal and local church use with copyright information and website url in tact.  No reprinting of this material online in any way.  Please share the blog url instead.  


    Just so you know, I will be getting back to adding in some home-related posts on here.  Life has been just a little crazy for me lately.  Can anyone relate?  I had jury duty one week and just that thing called life taking over.  By the way, I never made it on the jury but had three very long days of sitting through instructions and challenges.


    Creative blessings,

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