Scripture Journaling Ideas

Scripture Journaling

Julia Bettencourt

Posted March 30, 2015

A Scripture journal is a place to write down all those things relating to the Bible.  It can be favorite verses, things you have learned or are learning from Bible studies, or even notes from sermons.

When we write something down, we always retain it a little better. 

Tips for Scripture Journaling

There is another kind of Scripture journaling where you write in the margins of your Bible.  These ideas are for journaling in a notebook.  

  • Record favorite Bible verses.

  • Record notes from sermons. 

  • Record Bible principles.

  • Record specific things from the Bible that you’ve learned to apply to your life.

  • Record Bible verses that encourage you.

  • Record Bible verses that convict you.

  • Vary your writing. 

    by using different ink colors 

    by using different writing implements
             colored pencils

    by using different ink colors 

  • Use embellishments such as stickers or bright colored paperclips.

  • Section off your journal with various Bible topics.

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