Journaling Ideas


Julia Bettencourt

Posted May 11, 2011

You may be wondering why there is a page here for journaling.  If you are a women's leader and are under a lot of stress, try journaling if even for just a few days.  It can relieve your tension and relax you.

Journaling can be a wonderful outlet and there are lots of things you can journal about.  Below are some ideas to get you started.

Ideas for You to Journal About

  • Details about your life.

  • Things your kids do and say.

  • Your relationships with others. 

  • Your relationship with God. 

  • Bible verses with special meaning. 

  • Your favorite hymns and songs. 

  • Prayers. 

  • Your daily blessings and things you are thankful for. 

  • Poems, quotes, and sayings that are special to you. 

  • Your emotions and feelings. 

  • Your diet and health progress. 

  • Special holiday times.

  • Your outlook on certain things around you such as political topics and things going on in the news.

  • Favorite family recipes

  • Things about your genealogy and family tree

  • Your family traditions

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