Ladies Retreat Roles to Fill

This information was part of my Successful Event Planning material which was originally posted to the website in 2001.

Successful Event Planning:  Filling Leadership Roles

Julia Bettencourt

Orignially Posted November 2, 2001
Reposted May 20, 2016

Putting together a successful ladies event involves a lot of hard work so make sure to use the help and talent of the ladies within your church.  As a pastor's wife or ladies ministry leader you know your ladies best and who are the qualified and willing workers.

The basic positions of leadership that you will need to fill are the following.  Keep in mind these are a starting place.  Depending on your size of church and function, you may need more leadership roles or less.

General Coordinator

Music Leader

Event Leader

Food and Refreshment Supervisor

Decorations and Set Up Coordinator

Registration Secretary

Ask yourself a few questions.

  • Are they happy ladies with a good attitude? 

  • Do they have a good reputation for being dependable? 

  • Are they talented in the area in which you need them? 

  • Do they complain a lot? 

  • Are they willing workers? 

  • Are they dedicated Christians?

  • Are they faithful to the church?

  • Do they work well with other ladies?

You get the idea.  Nothing is worse than being around a disgruntled grumpy person who is out of sorts with the Lord and those around them.

Prayerfully consider each of these ladies before asking them to serve. You will be depending on them and also they will be representing the ladies ministry of your church, so make wise choices.

Make sure you let each of them know what their role is and what is expected of them.  Let them know if a budget is allotted to them and if they need pre-approval from you or your pastor and church leadership before purchasing items.

Role of the General Coordinator

Yes! Someone has to be in charge.  If you are a pastor's wife or ladies ministry leader it will probably fall on your shoulders but if you have someone qualified for the job in your church, then turn over the reigns to them or work along side of them.

The role of the General Coordinator may seem overwhelming but it can be handled very graciously by learning to deligate—deligate—deligate!

Their role entails the following.

  • Makes sure that the buget and support issues and the five basic elements are decided upon (type of function, date of function, times of function, and the location of the function.

  • Selects a theme for event to center around.  It is a great way to focus in on a special Bible truth.

    Choosing a theme can help you tremendously in planning.  Also it helps get all of your ladies in the same focus.

  • Selects and contacts speaker(s) and makes any travel and accommodation arrangements necessary.

  • Enlists leadership help.

  • Supervises help.  

  • Keeps budget in check.  Helps decide on how much to spend on each area.

  • Oversees all aspects of the event.

Directions for the General Coordinator.
Set up periodic planning meetings with your leadership.  Be familiar with their duties so that you will be more knowledgeable when checking their progress.

Supervise by being aware of everything taking place.  Make check lists to go over with each leader.  If you have questions, ask them.

Don't let something slip by you because you were not aware of it.

At closing, make sure you have given any honorariums and love gifts to speakers and musicians.  Keep tabs on the clean up.

Double check with your Decorating & Set-up Coordinator and your Food & Refreshments Supervisor.  Make sure anything borrowed, moved, or rented is returned.

Leave your facilities just as you found them.

Take the time after your event to send "thank yous" to your speakers, guest musicians, leadership, and anyone who contributed to make your event a success

Role of the Music Leader

Work with the Coordinator to determine how much music is needed for the event.

Their role entails the following.

  • Chooses appropriate music that will compliment the theme of the event.

  • Selects any special music that will be performed.

    Using talented ladies in your church is the simplest way to go.

    If you bring in visiting musicians just remember that expenses, transportation, and accommodations need to be taken into consideration.  Make the necessary arrangements if necessary.

    Use the chain of command and make sure your pastor or church staff approves any visiting musicians before engaging them.

    Let your musicians know how many songs and time allotted for their participation and when they will be used in the program in advance so they can prepare adequately.
  • Chooses a pianist (and any other instrumentalists needed).

    Make sure they receive the music well in advance of your event time so they can familiarize themselves with it beforehand.  You may want to plan some meeting times to go over the music together.

  • Leads the music during the function.

    As you lead the music during the function don't forget to put a smile on your face. You are a vital part of the program.

  • Takes care of sound details for the event.

    Check with your church soundperson and make sure microphones are set up and someone is able to run the controls during the event.

Directions for the Music Leader.

Don't choose complicated or hard music to learn for group singing.  You don't want to take all of your time "teaching" a song.  Choose music that will bless, inspire, and uplift the ladies present.

Have the music printed out, displayed on an overhead, or have the actual songbooks available so the ladies can follow along.  Chorus or praise music usually works best as theme songs for larger groups.

If you are going to have any music or lyrics printed out, make sure you obey copyright laws.  Get permission before printing.

Role of the Event Leader (or MC)

An Event Leader is your basic master of ceremonies so she should be a charasmatic charming woman that your ladies would enjoy listening to throughout the entire function.

Someone with an annoying voice is not a good choice for an Event Leader.  They should also not be someone with so soft a voice that even with a microphrone it is hard to understand them.

You do not want someone that is overbearing but they have to be able to call everyone to attention and speak with authority.  An Event Leader should also be comfortable being in front of people.

Their role entails the following.

  • Opens and closes sessions at the event.

  • Gives any anouncements.

  • Introduces speaker at the function.

  • Makes sure a prayer is said before any meal or refreshments.

  • Distributes doorprizes if any are used.

Directions for the Event Leader (MC):

You will be the first person to speak and will be before the ladies at every turn of the event, so be pleasant.  The ladies have congregated to receive a blessing so don't hinder the Spirit with your attitude and demeanor.

Be in your place on time and start promptly.  Follow the program of each session set out by the General Coordinator.  Have it printed out in detail to follow step by step.

Speak plainly and project your voice so everyone can hear you.

Some of your speakers may have some type of decision time and some may turn the closing of the session back over to the Event Leader.  Be prepared.  You don't want to change the mood of the session abruptly especially if the speaker ends on a solemn note.

Allow absorption time.  If it is a closing session at the end of the event you may want to open it up to an altar call.  If you need to move on to another session take a few moments of silent meditation and quiet prayer time for the ladies in their seats before dismissal to the next activity.  Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Be sure you know if you will be in charge of prayer before meals and whether you need to make announcements or give out door prizes and at what times.

Food & Refreshment Supervisor

This person is in charge of any and all food that will be served. This position should be filled by someone who doesn't mind a little bit of work.

She doesn't have to be a good cook but she should enjoy dealing with food , supervising, and making preparations for meals and refreshments.

Their role entails the following.

  • Oversees any food arrangements.

  • Helps with secetion of a menu.

    Decides if you will be serving meals and or refreshements. Decides how your food will be prepared. Will it be catered, brought in by different ladies, or prepared at the church?

  • Enlists the number of people needed to prepare, set up, and serve the food.

  • Appoints those needed for kitchen clean up. Makes sure all serving supplies needed are on hand.

Directions for the Food Supervisor:

Choose specifics in what you want in your meals and refreshments and estimate how much you will need of each item.  Stay in contact with the Registration Secretary so you know how many ladies for which to plan.

Make sure you have final approval before actual purchasing of food and items needed. If you need a tax-exempt form for purchasing for your church, make sure you have it with you when food shopping.

Make sure all serving supplies needed are on hand for the event.

If needed, let the Decorating Coordinator know how many tables will be needed to set up food and refreshments so she can plan adequately.

Decorations & Set-Up Co-ordinator

This position like the Refreshments and Food Co-ordinator should also be filled by someone who doesn't mind digging in and doing a little bit of work.

The Decorations & Set-up Co-ordinator is responsible for set-up and any decorations used throughout your event.  A crafty lady is usually a great person for this job.

Their role entails the following.

  • Enlists help to set-up and carry out the decorating scheme.

  • Overseas and supervises all of the decorating aspects of the event including tables, favors, displays, etc.

  • Makes sure all serving supplies needed are on hand.

Directions for the Decorations and Set-Up Coordinator:

You'll need some tools for your job to keep with you at all times during the planning stage.  A tape measure, notebook, pencils, and pens will be invaluable to you.  Get a notebook to keep all of your plans in.

Keep a line of communication open between you and the General Coordinator.  You will be working closely with her to iron out details.

Jot down your vision of each area that you are in charge of.   You may need to include sketches and a few details.  If you find something on the internet you want to incorporate, print it out.

This will help you as you try to relay your thoughts to your Coordinator or your planning committee.  You might be able to see your whole design vision in your head, but unless you convey it adequately, nobody else will.

Registration Secretary

This role should be filled by someone who is qualified in organizing, handling money, and people skills.

Their role entails the following.

  • Co-ordinating registration for the event.

    Obtain all brochures and materials needed to go along with registration forms.  Check with your Coordinator and find out when any brochures and materials will be ready.

  • Making registration forms available within your church.

    Work with the Event Coordinator to set a date for all registration forms to be turned it. Having a date set well in advance will help keep you on track with your organization.

  • IMailing out registration forms to local churches.

  • Receiving and handling all registration fees.

  • Responsible for registration tables during the function.

Directions for the Registration Secretary:

Keep an accurate record of any registration fees you've received in way of cash or checks.  Have a clear system for recording them and know the policy of how and where to turn in or deposit funds.

Prayerfully consider each of these roles before filling them.

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Women's Ministry Planning Tip for LeadersSet regular times for planning meetings with your volunteers before an event.

Check up on progress, deal with any problems, and assign individual tasks.

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