Tear Off Sheet Tips and Ideas

Tear Off Sheets

Ideas for Ministry Use

by Julia Bettencourt

Posted June 22, 2014

Originally posted to my blog with the Orange Crush Theme ideas.

Tear off sheets are a fun item to use in your ladies meetings by putting them on a bulletin board or a clip board. 

Orange Crush Tear Off Printable


Here are some ways to use them.

  •  Make up one with all of your ladies names on the tabs.  Have everyone choose a tab and then designate them to pray for the lady whose name is on their tab.

  • Make up one with a list of jobs that you need done for a particular project such as an upcoming ladies event.  Have your ladies choose a job by choosing a tab.

  • Make up one with your church staff members along the bottom and allow your ladies to tear off one to pray for.

  • Make up one with the Bible verses you want to cover during a devotional (such as I did below).

  • Make up encouragement phrases or “pats on the back”.  Put at the top–Thanks for your Help—Volunteers, please take one!–and have all of your volunteers tear off a tab.

  • Make up one with Bible verses on particular topics such as —   around Halloween you could put at the top–Feeling Scared?  Put Bible verses on the tabs that deal with fear.   For Back to School Time–Need Wisdom?  Put Bible verses on wisdom.

The sky is the limit with these tear off sheets.  You can make them for almost anything.  I ran my Cutter Bee Piercing Bug (a rotary piercing tool) along the line above the tabs so they would tear off easier but it isn’t necessary.  

When I used to make these I would use my sewing machine and run a line (without thread of course) across the top of the tabs

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