Secret Sister Program Ideas

Secret Sister Helps

There are a lot of pros and cons about having a Secret Sister program in your local church women's ministry.  I think each church has to decide for itself whether it is something they want to participate in.

Secret Sister Advice and Tips

Secret Sister Dilemma (article)

Secret Sister Tips for Change

Secret Sister Revealing Ideas

Advice for Secret Sisters (from others)

Secret Sister Forms

Use the forms below as is or for samples to make up your own.

All About MeAll About Me Form

Download in PDF File

Secret Sister Evaluation

Secret Sister Form

Download PDF File

Secret Sister Rules

Secret Sister Rules Sample Printable

Download PDF File

Secret Sister Gift Ideas

Candy Sayings for Secret Sisters (for small gifts)

Door Prize Ideas for Women (small gift ideas for women)

There are lots of small gift ideas on my Made 2B Creative Blog which would be perfect for Secret Sisters but here are a few created specifically for Secret Sisters.

Secret Sister Take 5 Gift Idea.  Includes a free printable tag.

Secret Sister Take 5 Idea

See my blog post for this project.

Top Secret Gift Secret Sister Gift Idea.  Includes a free printable.

Secret Sister Mission Gift

See my blog post for this project.

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