Prayer Resources for Women's Ministry

Prayer plays a key role in our local church women's ministries.  The helps listed here are for prayer related information to encourage you to keep prayer foremost in the planning and ministry that you do with your ladies groups.

Prayer Resources for Women's Ministry

Prayer Helps and Tips

Prayer Tips for Women's Ministry Leaders

Praying for Women

Praying for Your Retreat or Event

Prayer Activity Ideas and Projects 

Prayer Stations

Missionary Prayer Effort

Prayer Related Devotionals

Panic Room Devotional

The Secret Garden of Prayer Devotional

Higher Lord Devotional

Prayer Related Event Themes

The Secret Garden WM Theme

Flying Higher with Prayer WM Theme

Prayer Related Printables

Prayer and Bible Study Forms  (includes a prayer clock and "pray for me" form)

Encouragement Printables  (includes some praying for you small gift ideas)

Prayer Related Technological Helps

Add your own details for prayer requests and prayer group reminders

Prayer Images for Social Sharing  

Related Resource

There is a Prayer Assessment Download in the CLM Resource Shop

Prayer Assesment Survey Download

Creative Prayer Tip for LadiesA great way to get your ladies to pray for each other is to have them exchange requests during ladies meetings.  Have index cards and pens ready at the start of your meeting.  

Each lady should fill out 1 to 3 requests on one side of the index card and write their name on the back.

Drop the cards in a hat or basket and pass around before the meeting ends so that everyone can take a card home.  

Encourage your ladies to pray specifically for those requests until your next meeting.

This is also a great way to deal with prayer requests when you have a packed full meeting ahead and you know that there won't be time enough for everyone to voice their requests if you normally accept prayer requests during your meetings.

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