Getting to know the ladies in your women's group is a wonderful thing, but if you are like me, sometimes I get people mixed up.  I like keeping a little informational notebook so that I can jot down things about the ladies in my group.

It helps me with things like planning small gifts, sending cards, and knowing to whom  to delegate particular jobs.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Informational Lists

Information can be powerful to help you in your role as leader!

Fuzzy Wuzzy Lists

Julia Bettencourt

Posted October 25, 2001

You are probably wondering what in the world is a Fuzzy Wuzzy List!  Actually that's just a pet name for it.  When you finish yours, you may call it what you wish.

A Fuzzy Wuzzy List is something you build to help enable you to free up some time and footwork on your part as a Womens Ministry Leader and hopefully when you are finished it will give you the warm fuzzy wuzzies just thinking about it.

To begin you will need a notebook to keep your information in.  A thick spiral steno pad works well or you could purchase a pretty blank journal.  If you want to keep it in your purse you could find a smaller size.  A size that's comfortable for you to carry around with your Bible might work best.

Begin Your Fuzzy Wuzzy List:

Okay, let's start building your fuzzy wuzzy list.  Get out your church directory and list all of the ladies in your church and ladies groups.  Leave three or four lines for each.  In this list you are going to be putting information about your ladies.

Just pretend you are the FBI building your files.  To begin, start thinking about each lady.

  • Does she have a hobby?

  • Does she have a special interest?

  • Is she talented at something?

  • Does she like to craft?

  • Does she collect anything?

  • Is she a good cook?

  • Does she like working with children?

  • Is she good at visitation? (is at ease with visiting those in the hospital, relates well to elderly shut-ins, etc.)

  • Does she have computer skills or any special skills?

  • Does she like to do public speaking?

  • Is she creative?

Start filling in the spaces in your notebook with little tidbits about each lady.  If you are in a large church it is hard to get to know each and every lady but delegate others to gather information or you could use a survey for your ladies.

Include questions such as those below.

Get more details by taking a survey:

  • Do you have a hobby?

  • Do you like to do computer work?

  • Do you like to craft?

  • Do you collect anything?

  • Would you ever consider bringing a devotional?

  • Do you enjoy teaching or working with children?

  • Do you have a talent (sing, play an instrument, etc.)?

  • Do you like to decorate for holidays or special seasons?

  • Do you like to cook?

  • Do you consider yourself a people-person?

You could come up with a lot more. Gear the questions for your group of ladies.

Use your list as reminders.

Your fuzzy wuzzy list should help you tremendously when you start planning ladies functions and events.  How many times have you said to yourself that you knew "someone had that" or "could do that" but couldn't remember who?

Have you ever asked someone to do something and then you thought later that "hey, that wasn't their area!"

With your fuzzy wuzzy list hopefully you will be able to eliminate a lot of heart ache and work.

Delegating is one of the best ways to free yourself up for other areas and after all isn't that what we as church members should be doing--the things we are talented at so the whole church body runs well?

Use your ladies for what gifts they have. Many times they are just waiting to be used and serve in some way.

Copyright ©2001 Julia Bettencourt

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