Able Leaders in Women's Ministry

Able Leaders

Julia Bettencourt

Posted March 18, 2015

There are several characteristics that a women's leader needs.  Here are some of the traits that we should try to strive for.


Good leaders account for and are able to justify their actions.  They are responsible for what they do and say.


Available leaders are ready to be used of God.  They are waiting for God’s direction.


Leaders have to be willing to learn.  They also have to be willing to take counsel from others.


Being presentable just means being tidy and neat.  In women’s leaders this just doesn’t mean in how they dress such as in modesty, but tidy and neat in areas such as their Bible reading and prayer life.


Leaders should be honest and ethical. They shouldn’t make questionable choices and decisions.  They know right from wrong.


It is so important as a Christian leader to be hospitable.  We need to be friendly and welcoming to everyone.


All leaders need to be able to adjust to new conditions and new situations.  Everything is not always going to go as planned.


People have to know they can count on you.  You have to show up, show up on time, and get things done.  People are depending on you.


Good leaders have to be able to withstand pressure.  Things will try to wear and tear you down.  You have to be able to hold up to whatever comes your way.

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