Women's Ministry Leadership Helps
by Julia Bettencourt

The articles and resources here are written especially for those involved in women's ministry.  The articles are written from my personal experiences in growth pains and growth victories in church-related women's ministry over the years.

Leadership in Women's Ministry

Remember, not all things work for everyone, and there are all kinds of ways to operate your women's ministry because it involves working with women of all ages, backgrounds, and stages of life.

You have to figure out what works best for you.  I trust you'll be able to gain a little insight, learn something new, or just have a good read.

Thanks for stopping in...Julia

General Interest

Dealing with Negativity

Formula for Women's Ministry

Homework Helps for Women's Leaders (being prepared)

Prayer Resources for Women's Ministry

Setting Goals for Women's Groups

Setting Goals for Women's Leaders

Silent Communication

Women's Ministry Supply List

Leader Devotionals (14 devotoinals listed)

Team and Volunteer Helps for Women's Ministry

Leadership Character

Lovely Leader Traits

Able Leaders

To "Be" or Not to "Be" (how to be a good leader)

The Leaders we Crave

Evaluating Your Leadership

Motivation and Encouragement

The 411 of Women's Ministry

Traveling the 10 "Un" Streets of Women's Ministry

Leadership Advice (on various topics from other leaders)

List of Things to do to Encourage Others

Prayer Resources (Tips for praying for women's groups, etc.)

Revitalization of Women's Ministry

Be Wise and Revitalize

Revitalizing Tips for Women's Ministry

Ladies Meeting Check Up

Practical Helps for Women's Leaders

Bible Study Ground Rules

First Day of School  (preparing for your first day back to meetings)

Fundraising in Women's Ministry

Tear Off Sheets (ideas for ministry use)

Fuzzy Wuzzy Lists

Organization and our Best

Top Picks for Women's Ministry Supplies  (on Julia's Blog)

Women's Ministry Notebook (saving and organization your material)

Ministry Specific Helps for Women's Leaders

Secret Sisters

Advice for Widow's Ministry

Working with Senior Women

Starting and Promoting a Women's Ministry Program 

Ministry Basics  (how to establish a ministry, statements, etc.)

20 Ways to Promote Your Women's Ministry

Leadership Downloads

Downloads on Various Topcis for Leaders

Downloads of Leadership Forms

The State of Women's Ministry

Women's Ministry:  Is it Dead?

Mantra Mania (You Tube) or download printed copy here.  Download PDF File

Nixing the Negative - Part 1 (You Tube)

Nixing the Negative - Part 2 (You Tube)

Where has all the Mentoring Gone?

Technological Helps for Women's Ministry

The Art of Searching Pinterest

Images to Share (add your own details for events and activities)

Quote and Bible Verse Images to Share (on Julia's Blog)

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