Candy sayings for women's ministry

Candy and Gum Volunteer Sayings

Julia Bettencourt

Posted June 26, 2008
Updated July 18, 2012 (added in a couple more)

The sayings on this page are designed to be used for small tokens of appreciation for your volunteers and team helpers.

Volunteer Thank You Wording Ideas

Mounds of Thanks for all you Dew.

Mounds Bar with Mountain Dew  

You've worked "EXTRA" hard. You deserve dessert.

Extra Dessert Delights Gum  

Thanks for being an "EXTRAordinary" volunteer.

Extra Gum  

Thanks for going the "extra" mile.

Extra Gum

I've "Zoured" the earth looking for a volunteer like you.  Thanks for your help!


You're right on the "Dot" every time.  Thanks for being a volunteer!


I know you won't "gum" up the works.  Thanks for volunteering!

Chewing Gum 

It gives me nothing but "joy" to have you as a volunteer!

Almond Joy

Thanks for your "jolly" attitude.

Jolly Rancher 

I can always count on you in a "crunch" 

Nestle Crunch  

Thanks for "bean" such an encouragement. 

Jelly Beans

Thanks for the "roll" you play in our Women’s Ministry.  You are appreciated. 

Tootsie Roll

Great Luxury................$100,000--------Your Help.....................Priceless

$100,000 Grand Bar 

Thanks for “saving my life”!  You really helped out.


Thanks for "popping" up and helping.  You are appreciated!

Pop Rocks

Thanks for your commit "mint" to our Women’s Ministry team.


You are "Worthy" of some recognition.  Thanks for volunteering!


I'm bursting for "joy"!  Thanks for all of your help.

 Starburst or Almond Joy

"Popping" in to say thank you for your hard work.

Ring Pop or Pop Rocks

You've been "Mounds" of help.  Thank you!


You are so helpful in a "crunch".  Thanks for pitching in!

Nestles Crunch

I can't let this opportunity "roll" by without saying thank you.

Tootsie Roll

Thanks for not "twizzling out". You are a great Volunteer!


You are a great volunteer.  “Bar None”.  Fantastic job!

Bar None

If it weren’t for you, we’d all “Krackle”!.  Thanks for your help.


We’d tell you how much you helped us out “But our fingers” won’t count that high. Thanks!  Butterfinger 

We can’t “Mask-our-tears” of joy! You are a great volunteer.  Thank you!



 I know it was a “rocky road” but you traveled it well.  Thanks for all of your help.

 Rocky Road

We know you won’t Rolo-ver on the job!  Thanks for volunteering. 


You Are Amazing! Thank You! or Our God is Amazing!

 m-Azing Candy Bar

Thanks for being a Life Saver!


Nobody's Snickering about the job you did.  Thanks for helping!

Snicker's Candy Bar 

You are worth a mint!  Thank you! 

York Peppermint Candy

You deserve a reward!

100,000 $ Candy Bar 

A sweet token of appreciation.  Thank you! 

(Any type of Candy Bar) 

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