Tea Planning Ideas for Ladies Tea

Planning a Ladies Tea

Julia Bettencourt

Posted May 21, 2001

What better way to show the ladies in your group how special they are other than holding a tea for them? 

You can turn an ordinary banquet or meeting into something sweet and wonderful. It will just take a little bit of planning.

Do some research on holding a tea.

Search the internet for tea ideas and see what others are doing for teas.  

I have lots of ideas saved to my Pinterest Tea Planning Board

Don't get bogged down with the perfect or correct tea.

Your tea doesn't have to conform to the old time society rules of a tea.  Just make it something that you think your ladies group would enjoy.

Consider the basics of a ladies tea.

  • Your budget.

  • Where it will be held.

  • How many are likely to attend.

  • What type of food you will serve.

  • If you want a speaker and who you might choose.

  • What you already have to work with such as tables, table coverings, florals, etc.

  • What you'd like your color scheme to be. Try not to use more than 2 to 3 colors together.

  • Any "extras" you want such as door prizes.

Gather your table coverings for your tea.

  • Cloth Tablecloths.

    It is an excellent way to bring atmosphere to your tea.  If your church doesn't already have tablecloths, check into some inexpensive sheets as an alternative.  They can be plain or printed.

    Remember they don't have to have a high thread count.  You won't be sleeping on them.  In other words, if you choose this route you can purchase the cheap ones.  Once you purchase them you can always use them over and over so bear that in mind when choosing a color.

  • Paper Tablecloths.

    These can still add a nice touch to your tea.  You need to do what's easiest on your budget for your church and work with what you have available to you.

  • Place Mats.

    Most party supply stores carry inexpensive paper place mats.  It adds that special finishing touch to your tables, plus if you have cloth table clothes it helps protect from food spills.

Gather your decorations for your tea.

  • Gather all the tea pots you can find.  You can use some for serving actual tea but use others for decoration.

  • A hodge podge of tea pots of various sizes, colors, and shapes can make a wonderful display.

  • Check out second hand stores and garage sales for teacups for flower arrangements.

Take advantage of donations for your tea.

  • Check with the ladies within your church and use tea pots donated for the occasion.

  • Make sure everyone takes theirs home after the tea.

  • For an added element, place tent cards in front of each one that was donated for use with the name of the lady who donated it.

Make table decorations for your tea.

  • For table decorations use tea cups filled with flowers.

  • Fill a teapot with flowers for a main table or display.

  • Keep your arrangements on your tables small.  No one likes trying to talk to their table neighbor over tall floral arrangements.

  • Use several tea cups from one set that matches or you can use mixed patterns.

  • Fill in spaces on the tables with lots of candles.

Decide on a menu for your tea.

  • Keep it light.
  • Small sandwiches, fruit, and a dessert is usually plenty for a tea.

Make a focal point for your tea.

  • For a larger focal point

    Try using a child's size table and chairs set up with a children's tea set.  Place dolls or stuffed bears in the chairs to sit with a small teapot full of flowers in the middle of the table.

  • For a smaller focal point

    Use a hodge podge of teapots and teacups displayed at different heights.  Add in a few flowers or greenery.  Perhpas add in a Bible for your display.

Use door prizes for your tea.

  • Tea Basket

    Basket filled with 2 tea cups and specialty tea packages.  Sprinkle candy inside of the tea cups. Wrap with cellophane tied up with ribbons or raffia.

  • Individual Teacup filled with candy.  Wrap with cellophane tied up with ribbons or string.

  • Serving tray

  • Teapot

  • Starbucks Gift Card  (They sell tea too!)

    See the Door Prizes Ideas for Women Page.

Use favors or small small gifts for your tea.

  • Teabags in specialty flavors make the best favors for a tea. (That's just my opinion.)  Tie them up with ribbon or wrap them up special in some way.

  • Teabag Strainers

  • Box of Tea

  • Teacup

  • There are lots of favor ideas on my blog that would be good for a tea.

  • There are Christian Tea Bag Sayings on the website that you may use.

Have fun at your ladies tea.

  • Assign tables ahead of time for a group of ladies or one designated lady to serve as hostess and allow them to come up with a theme and decorations for their table.  Each table will be unique.

  • Have your ladies wear hats and dress for tea.

  • Have a hat decoration contest.  Let your ladies know ahead of time to decorate a hat to wear on the day of the tea.  I've participated in this a few times and it was a lot of fun.

  • Have special music.

  • Sing the "I'm a Little Teapot" song as a chorus.

  • Play Victorian Parlor Games such as charades.

  • Have some old time etiquette information of interesting facts to share.

Find more tea ideas at tea related devotinals on the Women's Theme Page, Teapots with Character.

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