A Soup Supper can be a great event for your ladies ministry but it's also a great meal to have church-wide. It's easy and since soup is a comfort food, it makes us feel good too! A great time to hold one is during the fall or winter.

Soup Fellowships

Soup Supper Ideas

Julia Bettencourt

Posted September 9, 2003
Updated January 12, 2016 (added in some links to website pages)

Soup Theme Titles

These are just "titles" only.  You have to create the details.

  • Good for the Soul  (Use as a Mother's Day related event.)

  • Mother Knows Best  (Use as a Mother's Day related event.)

  • Soup and Friends

  • Soup-er Friends!

  • Soup for the Soul

  • Soup's On!

  • Reaching for a Soup-er Year!  (Use for a Kick Off Meeting)

  • Seeing Soup-er Stars!  (Use as a team or Volunteer Appreciation Dinner)

  • Soup-pendous  (Use as a Team or Volunteer Appreciation Dinner)

  • Soup and Slippers  (Casual evening.  Have everyone wear their slippers.)

Just for Fun

  • Collect Labels:

    Collect Cambells soup labels and have them brought in to your soup event to give to a local school.

  • Group Craft:

    Do a recycled soup can project.

Helps and Tips for Soup Planning

  • You can make a Soup and Salad Supper as elegant or as laid back as you want.  Since it is a comfort food, a homey atmosphere might be nice.

  • Gingham tablecloths are a good choice if you want it casual.

  • Centerpiece Idea:  Use a soup tureen to make a large floral arrangement in.

  • Centerpiece Idea:  Paint soup cans or cover them with paper or fabric to hold floral arrangements or candles.

  • Centerpiee Idea:  Use soup bowls to hold floral arrangements or candles.

  • Make sure you have enough ladles to serve the soup.

  • Don't forget the extras.  Have lots of bread and crackers on hand.  Use a variety of each. (Bread sticks, rolls, sliced breads and oyster crackers, saltines, etc.)

  • Keep dessert simple.  A cobbler or pie would be a good choice.

  • You may want to assign or have your ladies (or church families if church-wide) sign up for a type of soup or salad that you want on your menu.

  • Make labels on tent cards ahead of time for each type of soup that will be served.

  • Have your families contribute soup recipes ahead of time and type up a recipe booklet of soup recipes to give each family or give out blank recipe cards ahead of time and have everyone bring in their favorite soup recipe to exchange.

  • Don't forget the salad fixin's for green salad such as dressings and toppings (chopped tomatoes, olives, grated cheese, etc.).  You could also have your green salad premixed with some Italian dressing if you didn't want to do toppings and salad fixin's.

  • Serving Dish Idea:  Have everyone bring their own soup bowl or mug and a spoon.  Have them take them home after the even with any leftover soup.  Keeps the dish washing light!

Favor Ideas for a Soup Supper

  • Goodies in recycled soup can

  • Herbs or plants in a recycled soup can

  • Packaged Soup

  • Soup in a cup - tied up with ribbon and verse

  • Homemade soup mix in a jar

Door Prizes for a Soup Supper

  • Set of Soup Bowls

  • Chicken Soup for the Soul book

  • Soup Mug

  • Soup Tureen

  • Soup Cookbook

  • Soup Basket: Packaged soups, soup mixes, soup bowl/mug, soup spoon, etc.

  • Salad Bowl Set

  • Salad Bowl Tongs

  • Salad Spinner

  • Salads Recipe Book

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