Shower Planning for Women's Minsitry

Sometimes planning baby and bridal showers falls under the umbrella of women's ministry in some of our churches.  

I don't have a lot on the subject but there are a few things here on this page to help you. 

Church Shower Ideas

Baby Shower Devotionals

Of Such is the Kingdom

Bridal Shower Devotionals

House of Love

House Under Construction

Filling the Pantry of Your Heart

Bridal Gift Idea

Put the household items in a baset or large container and cut out the tag (the large blue part of the printable) to put with the gift.

If you are doing this as an individual and need to reign in your costs (other than coupons and sales), they do make a lot of these products in trial sizes so you could mix a few of those in with your gift. Check the Target dollar bins. Sometimes they have little pouches of some of these cleaners and detergents.

From Individual

Bridal Housewarming Gift Tag Idea

From Group

Bridal Gift Saying for Housewarming Gift

Creative Bridal Shower TipDon't pack your bridal shower so full that you fail to allow the bride-to-be to relax.  

A bridal shower shouldn't be work for the bride to be.  

Allow her some breather space to just enjoy her family and friends.  She'll have enough stress already.

See my Baby and Bridal Shower Pinterest Boards for more ideas!

Baby Shower Pinterest Board

Bridal Shower Pinterest Board

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