Is it time to freshen up those Church Entry, Missionary, or Sunday School Classroom bulletin boards?  Here are some ideas to help you out.

Bulletin Board Ideas for Women's Ministry

Bulletin Board Ideas

Julia Bettencourt

Posted March 11, 2002

I know many of you do up bulletin boards for your church, Sunday School class, or women's ministry meeting area.  Here are some ideas for materials.

Material for Backgrounds

  • Fabric.

    I love using burlaps, cottons, almost anything plain or printed.  Now they have so many novelty fabrics on the market you almost find something to go along with the theme of your boards.

  • Gift wrapping paper.

    These come is so many patterns nowadays.  If you are doing a board for a ladies Sunday School Classroom a floral wrapping paper background can be stunning.  Don't forget to stock up on rolls of plain red Christmas wrapping paper at those after Christmas sales and you can use them for Valentine and Fourth of July backgrounds too.

  • Disposable Tablecloths.

    You'd be surprised at all the colors and patterns you can find.  Check in party supply stores or the birthday supply aisle.

  • Vinyl.

    You can usually find this available by the yard in the fabric stores.

  • Maps.

    These are great to back missionary bulletin boards.

Materials for Bulletin Board Decoration

  • Silk Flowers.

    If you want a change from cutting out construction paper flowers, just use silk flowers.  The single stem ones work best so you can place them where you want.

    I just staple in several places over the stems and up to underneath the flower head.  Make sure you bend and play with the leaves and stems to create the look you want.  They can really add dimension to a board.

  • Honeycomb paper products.

    These are one of my favorite things for bulletin boards.  If you look in the party supply stores you can find all kinds of honeycomb paper products to go along with a lot of different things.  Sometimes you can find holiday ones too.

    What I usually do is just open them halfway and staple them to the board.  You have to kind of go up under it to staple it to get your staple into the base.

    The things they have in fall honeycomb products such as turkeys, pumpkins, etc. can make a wonderful fall or Thanksgiving bulletin board.

  • Picture Book Pictures.

    I've found old story books really useful, especially children's storybooks as they have some wonderful artwork in them to cut out and use.

    My way is to get them at flea markets and garage sales.  That way I don't feel bad cutting them up!  If you are still just horrified at cutting up a storybook for bulletin board cutouts, copy it on a color printer and cut that out to use.

  • Craft Items.

    You might be surprised what you can find in the craft department to perk up your boards.

  • Graphics or Clip Art.

    You can find a lot of the graphic makers on the web that allow you to use their graphics for your own craft and personal use.

    There are lots of cute things you can print and make cut-outs of. Just remember some don't print as well as others.

  • Magazines.

    The old "Ideals" Magazines are my favorite to use.

  • Photographs.

  • Construction Paper Cutouts and Die-cuts.

  • Patterns.

    My favorite way to make patterns is to use children's coloring pages.  You can either trace them or put them on an opec projector or even make a transparency and use an overhead projector to enlarge.  Cookie Cutters also make great patterns to cut out.

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