The following is a list suggestions to fill goodie bags to give out to the ladies that attend your retreats and events.

Retreat Goodie Bag Ideas

I know that all the little things I've found inside some goodie bags from conferences and retreats just made me smile.

Ladies Retreat Goodie Bags:
Gift Ideas

Julia Bettencourt

Posted April 2, 2002

Ladies Small Gift Ideas for Goodie Bags

  • Perfume samples

  • Cosmetic samples

  • Emory files

  • Mints (or Pez dispensers for an element of fun:)

  • Mini stationary note pads

  • Pens

  • Keychains

  • Purse size sewing kits

  • Pocket calendars

  • Fast food courtesy cards

  • Trial size lotions

  • Travel size tissues

  • Candy.  Mints or hard candy such as Werthers

  • Bookmark

  • A few individually wrapped toothpicks (flavored ones are great!)

  • Postcard (Especially if you are having ladies from out of town. Try to get some that have a landmark or a scenic view from your area.)

  • Magnets, bumper stickers, key chains or novelties from places of business within your local area.

  • Your retreat/event information

  • Schedules

  • Map of facility (if large campus or facility)

  • Restaurant locations (if out of town ladies are attending)

  • Retreat Booklet (info about speakers, song lyrics, paper for notes, etc.)

  • Brochure on your women's ministry/church

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