This is something I had posted on the website 15 years ago.  I think it is still good advice to give.

Praying for a Ladies Retreat

Successful Event Planning:

Praying for your Retreat or Event

Julia Bettencourt

Orignially Posted November 2, 2001
Reposted September 19, 2016

These tips were taken from General Coordinator Planning Guide in my event planning material (Successful Event Planning) so some of you may already have these tips.

1  Enlist Others

Enlist others to pray along with you.

2  Prayer List

Put the event on your church prayer list.

3  Prayer Schedule

Make a prayer schedule divided up between the ladies of your church for the weeks and months leading up to your event.

4  Prayer Meetings

Schedule special prayer meetings for your church ladies group to pray specifically for your event.

5  Prayer Clock

Make a prayer clock schedule for the week prior to the event and have your ladies sign up to pray at specific hours of the day.

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