Door Prize Ideas and Tips for Ministry

Door Prizes for Women's Ministry

Julia Bettencourt

Posted July 10, 2001

Door prizes can add that little extra touch to your retreats, banquets, or even monthly ladies group meetings.  It can be something simple such as a bookmark or range on up to something a little more expensive such as a nice gift basket or large item.  It all depends on your type of meeting and your budget.

A Word to the Wise About Door Prizes

Too many door prizes can detract from your event so don't make them the main focus.  They are to enhance a function, not be the highlight.

 If you are having a one evening event, only one or a few might be appropriate.  If you are having a several day event, you may want to spread them out over the time period.

If you are having children, such as young girls at a Mother Daughter Banquet, it's usually best to not allow the children to participate as feelings are easily hurt when one child receives something and not another.  Perhaps have a small gift to give out at door prize time for each child.

Ways to Give Out Door Prizes

Mother/Daughter Related:

  • Oldest Mother

  • Youngest Mother

  • Mother with most children (could stipulate the children being present)

  • Mother with youngest child (could stipulate the child being present)

  • Mother with most sons(could stipulate the sons being present)

  • Mother with most daughters(could stipulate the daughters being present)

  • Mother that traveled the farthest

  • Mother that's been a member of your church the longest

  • Mother that's been married the longest

  • Mother that's been married the shortest

Any Type of Ladies Event:

  • First lady to recite a particular nursery rhyme without any mistakes

  • First lady to sing a verse or chorus from a song without any mistakes (could be a hymn, popular song, or a children’s song)

  • First lady that stands up who has read their Bible for that day (Have them share what they read about or studied)

  • Lady with the longest hair

  • Lady with the shortest hair

  • Tallest lady

  • Shortest lady

  • Lady with the most pennies in their purse

  • Lady with the most receipts in their purse

  • Lady with the most apps on their phone

  • Lady with the most contacts on their phone

  • Lady with the most friends on Facebook

  • Lady who has been married the longest

  • Lady who has been married the shortest

  • Lady who can run up a specific item to the speaker first, such as a red lipstick

  • First lady who can find a nail file in their purse (or any specific item)

  • First lady who can find deodorant in their purse.

  • Lady with the tallest high heel

  • Lady with the most buttons on their clothing

  • Lady who brought the most friends (guests) along with her

Attention Getter for Door prizes

This ideas is from my sister, who is a pastor's wife in Texas.

They gather up all types of door prizes (some from business, such as gift certificates to restaurants, etc. Their community is great at donating to their ladies retreat each year.)

One lady is in charge of handing out all the goodies during the event. Every once in a while, out of the blue she rings a hand bell (not during the speaking times) but during breaks, refreshments, meal and any other appropriate time.  Everyone stops what they are doing and she hands out a door prize.

The fun is that nobody knows when she's going to ring it.

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