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Christmas Game Slip Container Ideas

Julia Bettencourt

Posted November 30, 2013 (originally posted to my blog)
Reposted August 4, 2017

I know many of you do drawings for gift exchanges and also some games require drawing out of a container to play so today I’m sharing with you a few ideas for containers to use to keep things festive for Christmas.

Game or Drawing Slip Container Ideas:

  • Christmas or Winter Hats (of any sort)
    It could be a Christmas hat like Santas, a winter hat or beanie, or a top hat like Frostie the Snowman.

  • Christmas Tin

  • Christmas Stocking

  • Christmas or Winter Sock
    Sometimes knee high ones are fun because everyone has to stick their arm way down inside to find their slip of paper.

  • Small Christmas Shopping Bag

  • Christmas Bowl

  • Christmas Tray
    Just make sure all the paper slips are folded up so you can’t see what is on them when using a tray.

  • Wrapped Box
    (without the lid). Try wrapping and decorating Oatmeal or shoe boxes. You could cut a cereal box down to about six inches or so and wrap around that with Christmas paper.

  • Christmas Basket
    It doesn’t necessarily have to be a Christmas basket, just add a Christmas bow or some kind of decoration to it.

  • Christmas Mug
    Works great for a small group. Just use one wide enough to reach into.

  • Christmas Jar
    Something wide mouthed enough to reach into

  • Christmas Vase or Flower Pot
    One not too delicate and one wide enough to reach into.

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Women's Ministry Game Slip Tip

Look around at other seasons and holidays as well for game slip container ideas. For the fall, a plastic pumpkin bucket. At Easter, an Easter basket. Around July 4th, an upside down patriotic hat. Use your imagination!

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