Event Planning for Women's Ministry

Holding events in our women's ministries is a great way to get together with our sisters in the Lord.  Events make a nice opportunity to allow your ladies to invite their friends and ladies in your community to a function in order to share the love of Christ. 

Women's Ministry Event Planning

I have found that activities and events are just a good way of offering opportunities for growth, teaching, and fellowship with the women in our groups.

What type of event do you want to hold?

There are all varieties of event and activity ideas on the website for you.

Event and Activity Ideas (Index of Activity Ideas)

Theme Ideas (over 170 full themes, plus 700 titles to consider)

Event Preparation

Filling Leadership Roles for a Retreat

Praying for Your Retreat or Event

Theme Helps (how to build themes, theme planning form, etc.)

Details of a Women's Event

Game or Drawing Slip Container Ideas



Door Prizes (How to give them away)

Door Prizes Ideas for Women

Door Prize Ideas for Men

Door Prize Ideas for Couples

Retreat Goodie Bags (Tips)

Retreat Goodie Bags (Content Ideas)

Preparing Event Booklets

Icebreakers and Games (all on the website are now in printable form)

Meeting Greeters

Workshop Topics

Online Invitations and Reminders  (add your own details)

Favor Container Ideas

Favors - See my Made 2B Creative Blog for favors and crafty ideas.  I do a Takeaway Tuesday each week with simple and easy favor ideas geared for women's ministry. 

Helpful Articles for Women's Events

Mother Daughter Banquet Planning

Parts of a Ladies Retreat

Questions when Considering a Caterer

Article Series: The Five Elements of a Women's Event

5 Elements: Article Introduction

Type of Function

Date of Function

Times of Function

Location of Function

Size of Function

Supplies for Women's Events

Prop Closets

Top Picks for Women's Ministry Supplies (on my blog)

Women's Ministry Event Tip

Make an event toolbox for a place to keep handy a tape measure, small nails, tacks, straight pins, scotch, masking, duct tapes, small hammer, and 3-M products to attach things to walls, etc.

This tip is from the Prop Closets article.

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