Ladies Group Name Ideas

Ladies Group Name Ideas

Julia Bettencourt

Posted August 03, 2006

Updated March 20, 2016 (Added in the list of Coupon Group names)

Some women's groups like to give themselves a name and others don't, but these are some suggestions for ladies groups if you are interested. 

Smaller church groups usually don't need a name, but sometimes in larger churches with a lot of groups and activities, it becomes more practical to come up with a name for your ladies group. Also, naming a group makes people feel a part of or belonging. 

Many of these were submitted from members of The Hen House (our old CLM Message Board).  Others came in from the visitors of my website.  Thanks everyone for contributing!...Julia


These name ideas are for church related women's goups.  If you want to use any of these names on a broad scale, for a website name, for an organized ministry, business,  or an organization, you need to research it on your own and  follow all of the legal avenues of obtaining a name for something like that.

  • 3D's - Devotion-Discipleship-Deed

  • ACTS - Actively Caring Through Sharing

  • As-Sisters - Their purpose is to "assist" in their homes, church, communities, etc. "as sisters".

  • AIC Ladies- Abiding In Christ Ladies

  • AWC Ladies- Abiding With Christ Ladies

  • BIG - Believing in Grace

  • BIG - Beauty in Grace

  • CEO - Christians Encouraging Others

  • Common Thread (Quilter's Group)

  • Crossroads Women's Ministry (at the 'crossroads' in women's lives, such as just getting married, having children, etc.)

  • CWFC - Committed Women for Christ

  • Daughters of the King

  • Daughters of Virtue

  • DIGG Class - Digging Into God's Grace (Ladies Bible Study)

  • DIVAS - Divinely Inspired Victorious And Serving

  • Dusty Projects - They meet to work on unfinished projects:)

  • EOE - Echoes of Encouragement

  • EWES - Every Woman Earnestly Serving

  • Faith Finders

  • FAR - Far Above Rubies

  • FIT - Diet, exercise, and prayer group

  • FRUIT--Female Relationships under Inspired Truth

  • GALs - Godly Always Ladies

  • GALS - Growing and Loving Servants

  • GIGGLES - Girls In God Growing Loving Eating Sharing.

  • GIRL Group - Guiding and Inspiring Righteous Ladies

  • GLOW~~God Loving and Obeying Women

  • GLOW- Godly Lives Offered Willingly

  • God's Gals

  • Grace Ladies

  • GROW - God Renewing Our Women

  • GUM- God Using Me

  • Heart to Heart

  • Heart's Desire Women's Ministry

  • HHH - Hands and Hearts 4 Him

  • HIS - Hands In Service

  • HIS - Happy In Service

  • HIP - Hemmed in Prayer (Sewing and Prayer Group)

  • HIS - Hearts In Service

  • JAM - Just Among Moms (Mom's Group)

  • J.A.R. - Jesus Arms Reaching - This group makes gift items in jars to give to visitors, shut-ins, etc.

  • Jewels

  • Jewels For Jesus

  • JOY Fellowship - (Jesus First, Others Second, Yourselves Last.) That's the mission of the ladies group!

  • J.O.Y. Just Older Youth

  • Journey

  • Joyful Hearts

  • Joypals

  • Keenagers (Name for Senior Group. Could be used for a mixed group, not just 'ladies').

  • Keepers At Home - (Group geared towards home management)

  • Keepers of the Light

  • Kindred Hearts

  • LACE - Ladies After Christ's Example

  • Ladies of the Morning - Morning Bible Study Group

  • Ladies of Victory

  • Ladies Sunshine Circle

  • Ladybugs

  • L.E.G.S. Ladies Empowered by God's Spirit

  • LIFE - Living in Faith Everyday

  • L.I.F.E. - Living in Freedom Everyday

  • Lifeline

  • L.I.F.T. - Ladies in Faith Together

  • LIFT - Ladies In Fellowship Together

  • LMS - Like Merchants Ships - Proverbs 31:14

  • LOV - Ladies of Victory

  • LOVE - Ladies of Victory and Encouragement

  • LTCL - Ladies Together in Christ's Love

  • M&M's - Mary & Martha Group

  • M&M's - Meeting & Meditating (Bible Study Group)

  • Martha Group

  • Mary Martha Circle

  • MOSAIC - Making Our Souls Alive In Christ

  • Merry Hearts

  • OASIS - (Women's Ministry at Living Water Baptist Fellowship)

  • OWEG - Ordinary Women. Extraordinary God

  • Praise Pals

  • Praying Wives Club

  • Praying Partners - Prayer Group

  • Priceless Women

  • Proverbs 31 Ladies

  • Proverbs 31 Wanabees

  • RIBS - Rejoicing In Being a Servant

  • R.O.S.E ministry= Reflecting Our Savior's Example

  • Rubies

  • SALT - Sisters Abiding in Light and Truth

  • SALT- Senior Adults Linking Together

  • S.A.L.T = Serving and Learning Together

  • Rubies

  • Salt and Light Class

  • Scraps and Scriptures (Scrapbooking Group)

  • Senior Sisters - Senior Age Ladies

  • SHINE - Serving Him IN Everything

  • SIS - Sisters In Spirit

  • Sister Circle

  • Sisters of the Heart

  • Soul Sisters

  • S.O.S. - Sisters of Strength (The get-togethers are "support" oriented intended to uplift and give praise in addition to Bible based devotions, prayer and fellowship.)

  • SWAT - Serving, Working and Advising Together

  • S.U.G.A.R -Seniors Using Gifts After Retirement (Older ladies ministering to younger women)

  • T.A.G. - Touching All Generations (Used for a portion of Woman's ministry that plans retreats and things for all the different ages of the ladies)

  • T.E.A. (Teaching, Encouraging, Achieving)

  • T.E.A. (Teaching, Edifying, Aiding)

  • The Endeavors (from Ephesians 4:3)

  • Titus2Women

  • TLC - Touching Ladies 4 Christ

  • TTL - Totally Living for Christ

  • Vessels

  • Victory Ladies

  • VW's - Virtuous Women

  • VWW's - Virtuous Women Wannabees

  • W.A.I.T. - Women Acknowledged In Truth

  • WICS (Women in Christian Service)- The church shines a light into the community but the candles cannot burn without WICS.

  • WIN - Women in Action

  • WINGS - Women In God's Service

  • WIT - Women In Touch

  • Women I.N.C. - In The Name of Christ

  • Women of Grace

  • W.O.M - Women On a Mission

  • WOW - Women of Wisdom

  • WOW - Women of the Word

  • WOW-Women of Worship

  • WOW - Women of Worth

  • WOW - Women of Warfare

  • WTL - Warriors of the Light

  • WWF - Women of Word and Faith

  • WWF - Women's Worship Fellowship

  • WWW - Women of Worth and Worship

  • WOV - Women of Vision

Coupon Group Names

These have been on the Extreme Christian Living (Coupon) Theme page but I thought I would add them in here as well.

  • Pretty Pennies

  • Sister Savers

  • Great Clips

  • Clippers

  • Blessed Savers

  • The Fruitful Frugals

  • Faithful Frugals

  • Frugal Friends

  • Coupon Clips

  • Coupon Clippers

  • The Coupon Girls

  • Clippin' Mommies

  • Penny Pinchers

  • Saving Grace Sisters

  • CCC - Coffee, Caring, and Coupons (couponing for donating purposes)

Someone sent in the following name for some older men in their church. Got a kick out of it and had to share it too. R.O.M.E.O.'s (Retired Old Men Eating Out) - They go out to eat once a week:)

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