Women's Ministry Basics

How we organize and plan out our women's ministry in the way of policies, procedures, and basic polity will have a big impact on the way things are run and carried out in our meetings and events.

Women's Ministry Basics

There are basic and fundamental things that need to be decided upon and put into the structure of your women's ministry in order for things to run smoothly.

Basic Resources

Women's Ministry Surveys

Group Name Ideas

Ministry Vision or Purpose Statements

Women's Ministry Leader Forms

Establishing a Women's Ministry

Ground Rules for Bible Study

Keep in the know to carry out decision making.

Know your church doctrinal beliefs.

Know what responsibilities fall upon you as leader.

Know the chain of command within your church structure. 

Know what decisions you have the discretion of making.  

Know the policies to enlist volunteers and team members.  

Know the policies of getting special speakers approved.

Know the policies of using church facilities and equipment.

Know purchasing and financial policies.  

Related Resource

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