Weight Loss Meeting Ideas

Weight Loss Meeting Ideas

Julia Bettencourt

Posted April 14, 2012

Weight is something that many ladies are dealing with.  Just being able to talk to others about it can sometimes help.  Everyone needs someone else to talk to and be accountable with when it comes to working on our weight.

It may be that you have the interest and the wherewithal to start a group geared to weight loss within your church ladies group.  It can hold many forms.

It might be a time of exercise.  Just a time to meet and check in and give each other encouragement.  It might be a time to work on healthy food choices and menus together.

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A Woman of Strength

The Doctor in In

Basic Meeting ideas

Work out together to an exercise dvd. 

Have a scale for those who want to weigh in. 

Have a few measuring tapes on hand for those who want to measure waists.

Invite a local nurse/doctor to speak. 

Serve healthy snacks if having refreshments. 

Share recipes for healthy foods. 

Make diet journey journals together as a group project.

Discussion Starter Questions

  • What is your biggest hindrance to losing weight or staying healthy?
  • What is your greatest temptation food? 

  • What are some things that slow you down in your weight loss journey? 

  • What does your weight keep you from doing? 

  • What are the top three things you want to do when you are at your idea weight and healthiness?

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