Prayer Stations for Women's Ministry

Prayer Stations for Women's Ministry

Julia Bettencourt

This was originally posted to my blog on March, 14, 2014.

Meet you at the station!

Have you ever tried Prayer Stations at your ladies meetings?  Here’s how it works.  What you will do is have several "Prayer" Stations. 

Each station will have a basket with index cards already filled out with various things to pray for.  For example your Missionary Prayer Station will have all of your missionary family names that your church supports written out on index cards.

Divide up Your Time

You will be dividing up your meeting time into intervals.  Start by directing your ladies to spread out among the stations so that each station has approximately the same amount of people to begin with.

Later on as everyone moves around the dynamics will change.  If you want to maintain the same ladies in the same group as they go around to the stations, you could direct them to do that.

Travel Station to Station

Your ladies will be traveling from one station to the next praying for the items listed on the index cards.  Each lady currently at that station takes one card (or 2 for smaller groups) from the basket and prays for who or what is written on that card.

The ladies pray aloud or silently (their choice) within the station until the leader announces to switch stations.  Have them just put the cards back in the baskets when they are done praying.  It’s okay if some things get prayed for more than once.

Change Stations

When the leader announces "Time to Change Stations" after each interval, the ladies switch to another station, one they haven’t been to yet.

The time allotted for your intervals will depend on your meeting time allowance.  If you have a small group, maybe a 10 or 15 minute interval would work.

With larger groups, you may want that increased.  Also the number of prayer intervals you have will depend on your meeting time allowance as well.

Depending on the time, size of group, and number of Prayer Stations,  all of your ladies may not be able to travel to every station.

What you will need for your prayer stations:

  • Small Baskets

  • Index Cards

  • Markers or Pens

  • Signs or small blackboards with the names of the stations.  You could also print out the station names and tape it the baskets for each one

Prayer Stations You Might Consider Using:

  • Burden Station.  For this one leave out index cards and pens for your ladies to write something on to leave in the basket for others to pray for.

  • Salvation Station.  For this one leave out index cards for your ladies to write the name of a person that needs salvation.

  • Missionary Station.  Prepare ahead of time.  Write out the names of all the missionaries your church supports or any missionary projects that your church is involved in.

  • Sick & Hospitalized Station.  Some of these cards can be prepared ahead of time but leave out some cards and pens for your ladies to add anyone they may know of.

  • Teacher Station.  Prepare ahead of time.  Write out all of your church’s Sunday School teacher’s names.  Leave out index cards and pens for your ladies to write down one of their children’s school teachers.  Of course all of your ladies won’t have school aged children but they may know of a teacher to add.

  • Community & Government Leaders Station.   Prepare ahead of time.  This includes your community leaders, the president, your governor, your senators, and representatives.  You may have to check your local city website for your local leader names.

  • Church Ministries Station.  Prepare ahead of time.  Write out any ministries your church may have such as bus, nursing home, Awana, etc.  Don’t forget your women’s ministry.

  • Sisters & Friends Station.  Prepare ahead of time.  Write out all the names of the ladies within your group or even all the ladies within your church.

  • Praise Station.  Write out on index cards things to praise God for such as blessings, guidance, salvation, His compassion, etc.  Leave index cards and pens to give everyone the opportunity to write down a praise.

Be sure to give instructions as to what the pens and blank index cards are for before starting.

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Women's Ministry Tip for Prayer Stations

To save yourself a little hand writing, type out the names or items that you want to place on any index cards.  Leave white space between for room to cut.  Cut out and tape or glue to your index cards.

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