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35 Catchy Titles for Ladies Fellowships

Julia Bettencourt

Posted August 28, 2015

Do you need to change things up a bit?  Want to have a simple get-together but need a catchy title to do it with?  Here are some fellowship ideas to make get-togethers with your ladies simple and easy.

Some of these titles may be in other places on the website, but I wanted to put all the catchy titles here together in one place.

Bag & Tag

  • Get together to work on gifts such as food baskets for Thanksgiving.
  • Get together to work on favor bags for an upcoming retreat.
  • Get together to work on packaging up Christmas gifts for the needy.

Bake & Bond
  • Meet to bake
  • Use it as a way to build friendships.

Bake & Take
  • Meet to bake up cookies, muffins, or even casseroles to deliver to shut-ins or those that need encouraged.
  • Don't forget to make sure of food allergies or health restrictions.
  • You could make it Christmas baking and delivery to your church neighbors.

Bend & Blend
  • Meet for an exercise workout.
  • Blend healthy smoothies after your workout.

Broom & Bloom
  • Make it a church clean-up day.
  • Work on the church yard--plant flowers.
  • Pick a neighborhood to spruce up.

Chat & Chew
  • Talk and eat.
  • Meet for lunch or snacks.

Chicks & Chatter
  • A special get-together for the girls to unwind.
  • Make it a laid back meeting.

Coffee & Community
  • Invite your neighbors.
  • Have a coffee bar.
  • Pick a community project to work on such as picking up litter, doing yardwork for the elderly in your area, or for planning a neighborhood Harvest Party, etc.

Craft & Chat
  • Crafting get-together.
  • Could make it a crafting time to get ready for a retreat or function.

Fill & Chill
  • Winter meeting.
  • Serve soup, chili, or something to warm you up.

Flip & Flop
  • Hold in the summer.
  • Laid back meeting.
  • Encourage everyone to wear flip flops.

Franks & Thanks
  • Hold a fall barbecue.
  • Serve hot dogs or polish dogs.

Hook by Book
  • Book club get-together.

Jingle & Mingle
  • Hold a Christmas Party
  • Go Christmas Caroling

Juice & Spruce
  • Have a breakfast and cleaning morning for your church.
  • Serve orange juice or blended juices

Laughter & Latte
  • Serve coffee.
  • Have a coffee bar.
  • Make it a light hearted meeting.
  • Have a Christian comedian speak (or share a portion of a Christian comedic video).

Listen & Learn
  • Have a special speaker on a specific topic.
  • Share an excerpt from an audio.
  • Share a devotional or Bible Study video.

Make & Take
  • Make it a crafty get-together.
  • Make a craft - Take it home.

Meet & Greet
  • Introduce new team members or leaders.
  • Share the different aspects of your Women's Ministry.
  • Share a video or power point of the various outreach activities of your Women's Ministry.

Meet & Munch
  • Have everyone bring snacks.
  • Serve trail mixes and granola.

Mix & Mingle
  • A good time to introduce new leaders.
  • A general get-together.
  • Just a fun time of fellowship.
  • A time to get to know each other.

Munch & Crunch
  • Meet with your team to work out details for an upcoming event.
  • Meet for lunch or snacks.

Mugs & Muffins
  • Serve coffee and muffins.
  • For a Christmas get-together, exchange coffee mugs.

Prayer & Pancakes
  • Prayer Breakfast.
  • Serve pancakes.

Prayer & Praise
  • Share testimonies.
  • Concentrate on prayer in some way.

Shop & Drop
  • Shopping day out with the girls.
  • Meet for lunch after.

Spring & Sing
  • Praise and song fellowship held in the Spring.
  • Have guest or special soloists and singing groups.

Stay & Play
  • Make it a game night.
  • Makes a good church wide fellowship after a Sunday night service.

Swap & Shop
  • Have everyone bring in unwanted items such as housewares, clothing, purses, and jewelry.
  • Put reasonable prices on everything for sale.
  • Put the money earned for a good cause or something ministry related.

Sweet & Meet
  • Serve desserts.
  • Have various candy mixes.
  • Have an alternative to sweets such as a fruit or veggie tray.
  • Enjoy the sweet fellowship.

Talk & Walk
  • Have a walking fellowship.
  • Meet at a walking track or park.
  • Don't rush the walk--enjoy the fellowship.

Tea & Testimonies
  • Serve tea.
  • Share testimonies.

Tea & Treats
  • Serve tea.
  • Serve desserts. Be sure to keep some of them light.

Trunk & Junk
  • Have a yard sale from your cars.
  • Hold in a parking lot. Everyone brings their yard sale items in their trunk and sells from there.
  • Put larger items on the ground to draw people in.
  • No need for table set up and tear down. What's left, everyone disposes of themselves.
  • Put the money earned towards a good cause.

Unite & Fight
  • Make it a fund raising night for a specific cause.
  • Meet to focus on cancer awareness.
  • Make it a planning meeting for being involved in a local charity.

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Creative Ladies TipMany of us love simple catchy titles for fellowships and events but unchurched or "new" ladies may not always understand what we are talking about. 

Be sure to explain what type of event you are having on any invitations or announcements.  Describe your events in some way to alleviate questions from newbies or from those that you've invited that are not part of your women's group.

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