Women's Ministry Kick Off Ideas

Kick Off Ideas:  for Women's Ministry

Julia Bettencourt

Posted July 15, 2007

Kick Off is a way of launching or relaunching your women's ministry in your local church.

Kick Off events are a great way to start the new year of your women's ministry.  A lot of churches dispense with regular women's meetings and activities over the summer, so fall is usually a great time to plan one as well, but it doesn't really matter what time of year it is held. 

This is a great opportunity to get everyone on board with the women's ministry of your church, share ideas, give out the yearly calendar, and highlight the various ministries your women are involved in.

Things to do to prepare for a women's ministry Kick Off

Take a Survey

Several weeks prior to your Kick Off, pass out a women's ministry survey and give a deadline date to have the surveys returned.

Go through the returned surveys and get a general idea of what the ladies in your group expect from your women's ministry and what type of projects and activities they would like to be involved in.

See the Women's Ministry Surveys Page

Hold Brainstorming Sessions.

Hold several brainstorming sessions with your women's ministry team or those that are actively involved in your planning.  Discuss ideas, projects, and activities and finalize your plans for Women's Ministry for your year.

Make it a matter of prayer.

Have your women's ministry team join as prayer warriors all during the planning process.

Plan out the women's ministry year or quarters.

You may want to only plan out 3 months of your year (quarter) or 6 months or up to an entire year.

Personally, I like doing detailed planning no more than 3 months or so ahead because I like the option to re-evaluate and replan accordingly.

Make some broad scale plans.

Tentative broad scale planning can and should be decided upon for the year.  How advance you want your detailed planning is really up to you and how it fits in with your particular ladies group.

I like doing the yearly tentative planning but only handing out a women's ministry calendar of events for 3 months at a time.

If there's a few events you hold only once a year, it is a good idea to get those on the calendar as soon as possible.

If you enjoy doing themed monthly meetings, there are Women's Ministry Themes on the website for you to get some ideas.

Find Themed Monthly Planning Samples Here.

Be sure to implement Bible studies into your women's ministry schedule.  You don't have to hold them year round, but weave them in in some way.  Bible study gives your ladies a foundation.

Keep in contact with church leadership.

Make sure you touch base with your pastor and church leadership on your basic plans and get things cleared on your church calendar.

Reserve any rooms, buildings, etc. as needed for events, activities, and bible studies that will be held throughout the year.

Work at it.

There are a lot of helps for planning on the website.  If you haven't made a Women's Ministry Workbook yet, purchase a large binder and begin putting one togther with your planning information and ideas.

Make planning details for your kick off.

Choose a theme or direction to go in for your Kick Off.  Make it something exciting to gear the women up for service.

Follow through with decorating, food ideas, etc. and make sure everything is carried out in preparation for the event.

See the Women's Ministry Kick Off Themes

Get things done ahead of time.

Have all handout materials for the event copied and ready ahead of time.

If you have various church ministries or areas of service that you want to highlight, you may want each ministry to make a display for your event.  Get all the jobs done ahead of time.

Make an agenda.

Make an agenda.  Include everything that you have planned out for your Kick Off Meeting.

See a Sample Kick Off Agenda Here.

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Kick Off Agendas

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