Cookie Exchange Party Ideas

Cookie Exchange Meeting Idea

Julia Bettencourt

Posted September 22, 2011

To Exchange: 


Give specifics. 

Do they need to be homemade or bakery bought? 

Do you want them to bring 2 dozen (1 to share 1 to give)?

Do you want them to bring the recipe as well?


A Recipe for Friendship

Discussion Question Suggestions:

  • What's your favorite cookie?
  • How many of you like nuts (in your cookies and friends)?
  • How would you describe the relationship between Jonathan and David?
  • How many of you have a best friend?
  • How long have you been best friends?
  • How different would you say Jonathan and David were?
  • What made a strain on David and Jonathans' friendship?
  • Have you ever had strains on your friendships?
  • How did you deal with them?

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