Church New Year's Planning

Church New Year's Planning 

Julia Bettencourt

Posted December 10, 2002

  • Hold a Candlelight Service with special speaker, music, and the works with a Fellowship included.

  • Hold just a music oriented service.

  • Serve up some Food and Fellowship.  You can do this with snacks, a dinner, or even ring in the New Year with a pancake breakfast or any type of breakfast food.

  • Have a movie/film for your church family to enjoy.  If you are having kids, make sure your movie choice is on their level as well or show a different one for them in a different location.

  • Have a church-wide Talent Night. Try to get everyone involved.

  • Have a testimony time to give blessings from the previous year.

  • Share resolutions for the coming year.

  • Have Bible reading schedules available for the coming year.

  • Have Fun!  If you are having a fellowship, provide some fun New Year's novelties such as balloons, horn blowers and party hats to welcome the New Year.

  • Have a scrapbook of photos and church events from the previous year to pass around or a display for everyone to see.

  • Recognize all the church families that have joined your church in the past year.

  • Have a skit or sketch.

  • Have some games and activities planned to occupy the kids.

  • Decorate! New Year's festivities should be exactly that--festive!  Put up a few streamers.

  • Make sure you provide a *big* clock that everyone can see at your activity.

  • Have prizes for those who bring the most guests for the service such as a clock, nice calendar, or a daily devotional book.

  • Pray in the New Year.

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