Women's Ministry Christmas Activities

Christmas Activity Ideas
for Women's Ministry Groups

Julia Bettencourt

Posted November 14, 2011

Originally on the Christmas Helps page.  This list has been updated over the years.

Christmas Activities:

  • Gift Exchange

  • Christmas Mug Exchange

  • Christmas Socks Exchange

  • Christmas Ornament Exchange

  • More Exchange and Swap Ideas. (Cookie Swap, Dishtowel, Mug, etc. Several ideas listed)

  • Use Christmas Games and Icebreakers

  • Christmas Drawing/Game Container Ideas (on Blog)

  • Go caroling in the community or a nursing home.

  • Meet for Hot Chocolate

  • Christmas Bake Sale

  • Craft Night

  • Ugly Christmas Sock Craft (on Blog)

  • Christmas Play/Program

  • Community Christmas Dinner

  • Meet to work in a type of charity such as a Food Bank/Drive or Soup Kitchen.

  • Make Holiday Gift Baskets for needy.

  • Have a Cookie Baking Night (You could package up some of the cookies to give out to those that need encouragement.)

  • Hold a Gift Wrapping Fundraiser.

  • Check with your local women's charities such as shelters. See what is needed that your group could help with.

  • Find other activities for women's groups here.

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Activity Ideas for Women's Ministry

See the main Activity Planning Page for more ideas for more activity ideas for your ladies groups.

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