Women's Ministry Planning
with Julia Bettencourt

Julia BettencourtWelcome to the Women's Ministry Planning Section here on the CLM Website!  Thanks for allowing me to share with you what I have learned and gleaned from ministry over the years.

Pastor's wives and those involved in women's ministry within the local church sometimes have to wear a lot of hats.  This material is here to help enable you to wear those hats with a little more creativity and style.

My hope is that you will find a few tools and helps to enable you to be creative in your local church women's ministry.  I trust you will enjoy the reading and gain some insight as you browse through the material...Julia

The links below are the main categories for you to browse through.  This website is a compilation of 15 years of articles, devotionals, and ideas, so there are lots of subsections for you to follow from this page.  Please enjoy!

Women's Ministry Categories

Leadership Articles  (various topics of concern for women's leaders)

Bible Study Approaches  (Bible challenges, Bible lesson handouts, etc.)

Julia's Devotionals (over 150 to browse through)

Volunteer and Team Building  (team and volunteer oriented helps)

Ministry Basics  (surveys, statements, group names, establishing, etc.)

Writing Methods  (writing help for devotionals testimonies, letters, etc.)

Event Planning  (details such as icebreakers, door prizes, skits, etc.)

Event Themes  (over 170 specific themes, plus over 700 titles)

Activity Planning  (ideas for all types  of activities for groups)

Printables for Ministry  (forms, leadership downloads, etc.)

Leadership Advice  (learn from other leaders)

Hospitality  (food oriented fellowships, small gift sayings, etc.)

Technology (images for social sharing of activities and events)  

CLM Shop  (resources written by Julia)

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