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Working with Teams:  Keeping Informed

Keeping Team Members Informed in Women's Ministry

Women's Leader Team Helps
by Julia Bettencourt

Informing teams in womens ministry


    • Download written by Julia Bettencourt.
    • Informing Team Members in Women's Ministry (letting everyone know the rules of the game)
    • Confidentiality Suggestions
    • Facilitating Team Meetings
    • Team Meeting Conduct Suggestions
    • Download is in Win Zip format.  You must have an unzip facility on your computer to unzip the 4 files that are in PDF format. You will need Acrobat Reader to handle the pdf files.
    • 6 Pages 1.85 MB in a Win Zile File (includes 2 pdf format).
    • May be reproduced for groups and classes in women's ministry.
    • May not be reproduced in publications or online in any way.

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    Informing Team Members in Women's Ministry

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This Download Requires:
Win Zip  A facility to unzip folders and  Adobe Reader   Adobe Reader

Please Note:
This download was offered during the March 2015 Leadership Workshop (Day#2 - 3/17) in two files so make sure you don't already have these files before purchasing.  During the Workshop the file names were: informingteammembres.pdf and facilitatingmeetings.pdf

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