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Do You Have an Unruly Tongue?

Christian Women's Survey
by Julia Bettencourt

Do You Have an Unruly Tongue? Christian Women's Survey


  • This resource contains 4 life situations where you are faced with what you would do if certain Sisters encountered you with gossip. Sister Roast, Sister Wag Her Tongue, Sister Stir Up Trouble, and Sister Gossip Through A Prayer Request all want you to listen to them.  What would you do?

  • There are also 18 questions concerning our speech and ends with an evaluation of how we use our tongue and mouth.

  • A great topic for anytime or to go along with the Apples of Gold Theme and the Apples of Gold Devotional.

  • These questions are designed especially for Christian women to survey and evaluate certain areas of their lives to bring them to a closer relationship with the Lord.  Great resource at a reasonable cost for church ladies groups and events.

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