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Surveys and Assessments:  Makeover

Do You Need a Makeover?

Christian Women's Survey
by Julia Bettencourt

Do You Need a Makeover? Christian Women's Survey


  • This resource includes lots of fun and serious questions about your outward appearance and behavior as well as the inward, with sections on hair, make-up, feet, hands, eyes, etc. focusing on what is acceptable as a Christian woman.

    A great topic for anytime or to go along with the Reflections of A Lovely Lady Theme.

    Correlates with the Beautiful Woman in Christ and the Well Dressed Feet Devotionals.

  • 15 pages (including cover page)

  • These questions are designed especially for Christian women to survey and evaluate certain areas of their lives to bring them to a closer relationship with the Lord.  Great resource at a reasonable cost for church ladies groups and events.

    Copyright ©1997 Revised ©2015 Julia Bettencourt

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makeover survey for womens ministry

makeover survey for womens ministry

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