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    If you plan on printing out several copies of a page or download from the website, be sure to read through and proofread the information, check Bible references, spelling, etc. first before making copies.

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    This website includes hyperlinks to other websites that may have relevant or useful information to a particular topic. These third party sites have separate and independent privacy policies. We therefore have no responsibility or liability for the content and activities of these linked sites. Nonetheless, we seek to protect the integrity of our site and try to ensure that the links are relevant and do not contain crude or illegal content.

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    • No permission is given for reprinting the material on this website to other websites, blogs, message boards or online use of any kind. If you want to share the material, make a link to this website.

    • No permission is given for submitting the material on this website to to other women's ministry websites or publishers (open or private -- member fee or free).

    • No permission is given to submit the material on this website to ministries, websites, magazines, book authors and publishers, or newsletters to be published on or off-line.

    • If you want to use any of the material for a newsletter or magazine, please email Julia here for permission. In most cases I will need to see a past issue. You do have permission to print the devotionals in local church newsletters and bulletins without asking.

    • You may print out any of the material from the website for personal reference.

    • You may print out any of the material from the website for planning meetings with your local church leadership teams.

    • You may print out any of the material from the website for handouts for your local church women's ministry groups and other small groups. (Yes! That includes Salvation Army and MOM's groups.)

    • Please leave the copyright information and website url intact on any material you print from the website.

    • Women's Ministry Speakers (those who travel and speak church to church, retreats, camps, conferences)

      • Speakers are asked not to reproduce the material for use at their own speaking engagements, or conferences.

      • No permission is given to use the material for continuous workshops, retreats, or conferences by women's speakers.

    • All material on the website ( is copyrighted by Julia Bettencourt 2001-2013. All rights reserved worldwide. You are prohibited by law from reprinting the material other than that allowed in this User Policy.

    • The material here is provided at no charge for church women's ministry groups to have a free resource to enhance their women's ministry within their local churches and for inspiration to the visitors of this website. Thanks for respecting the User Policy in order for this ministry to remain fruitful

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