Winter and New Year
Women's Ministry Theme List
Julia Bettencourt

These are not complete themes, but theme "titles" only to help spark your creativity and aid you in planning your Winter and New Year women's ministry events and activities.

Fall Women's Ministry Theme Ideas

  • 12/17/15---Added in some new titles to get your creativity going!

    Many of these would make good titles for bulletin board displays as well.

    Some women really need an extra dose of fellowship during the winter so it's a great time to plan a women's ministry event, especially a small get-together.

    There's a few that may be on the website. If so, they'll have an underlined link.

    1. A New "Ewe" (Sheep - New Year)
    2. A Whole New You ( New Year)
    3. A Taste of Winter (serve soups, hot chocolate or something warm and "tasty")
    4. Bundle Up With God's Love
    5. Bundle Up With Friendships
    6. Catching The Drift
    7. Chilled But Filled
    8. Chilling Out (Letting go of life's tedious things to focus on the eternal)
    9. Cold Days -- Warm Hearts
    10. Cold Shoulders (Would make a good devotional on getting along with others)
    11. Come Before Winter
    12. Dashing Through The Snow
    13. Day By Day (New Year focus)
    14. Enduring The Winter
    15. Free From the Flurries (Giving our worries over to the Lord)
    16. Frosted Windowpanes
    17. Frosty Fun (A get-together full of fun such as a Game Night)
    18. Earmuffs and Mittens
    19. Hot Chocolate and Warm Fellowship
    20. It's About Time
    21. It's Snowing Service (what we can all do if we stick together. Like a lot
      of snowflakes.)
    22. Joy in January (January Fellowship)
    23. Keeping Your Cool
    24. Keeping Your Faith When The Sun Is Hidden
    25. Long Winter's Night (How God will return as He promised. Heaven is waiting for us.)
    26. Melting Hearts (Project time to reach out to others with the heart)
    27. Mittens and Meltdowns (dealing with stress)
    28. My Winter Haven (Resting in the Lord)
    29. New Beginnings (New Year focus)
    30. Northern Exposure (Exposing our hearts--Allowing ourselves to care about others in a cold world)
    31. Only In Winter
    32. Overcoming The Winter Wearies
    33. Overcoming Winter Worries
    34. Quilted Together
    35. Ready, Set, Snow! (Planning for the year. Getting revved up for ministry.)
    36. Resolve To Reclaim (New Year focus. Reclaiming our daily walk with the Lord.)
    37. Skating Into Service
    38. Slippery Slopes (what gets us off track)
    39. Snowbound (Lock-in or overnight get-together)
    40. Snow Much Fun
    41. Soup's On! (See the Soup Planning Page)for ideas.
    42. The Big Meltdown
    43. The Chill Factor (Dealing With Our Attitudes)
    44. The Cocoa's On!
    45. The Warm Fuzzies
    46. The Good, The Bad, and The Flakey
    47. Through The Long Winter
    48. Walking in a Winter Wonderland (Staying close/walking with the Lord)
    49. Warming The Heart
    50. Warming Up To Service
    51. When Winter Comes
    52. Winter, A Time of Promise
    53. Winter Garden (winter birds, winter plants---growing through the winter spiritually)
    54. Winter of Opportunity (Opportunities for service, etc.)
    55. Winter Walk (Walking With the Lord through the cold times.)
    56. Winter Wonderland
    57. Winterfest
    58. Winterized
    Winter (Or Fall) Fellowship Suggestions:
    • Chili Dinner
    • Soup and Salad Dinner
    • Apple Cider and Donuts
    • Hot Chocolate
    • Coffee Break

    • More
    • More Theme Topic Lists
    • Main Theme Page (Theme ideas with theme verse, devotional suggestion, decorating ideas and much more!

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