Valentine's (Love)
Women's Ministry Theme List

These are not complete themes, but theme "titles" only to help spark your creativity and aid you in planning your Valentine's women's ministry events and Church Valentine's Banquets.

Valentine's Banquet Theme Ideas

There are a few that may be on the website. If so, they'll have an underlined link.

  1. A Clean Heart
  2. A Different Kind of Love (Christ's Love is not like the world; but true and lasting)
  3. A Heart For Christ
  4. A Heart Like Christ
  5. A Homemade Valentine (How Christ came down Himself to bear our sins)
  6. A Night Under The Stars
  7. A Perfect Heart
  8. A Ransomed Heart
  9. Abundant Love
  10. Always and Forever (God's love everlasting)
  11. Be My Valentine
  12. Boundless Love
  13. Butterfly Kisses
  14. Budding Love (New birth in Christ...growing in His grace)
  15. Calvary's Love
  16. Captured Hearts
  17. Celebrate God's Love
  18. Cheerful Hearts (Proverbs 17:22)
  19. Cherished Hearts
  20. Chocolate and Friends
  21. Christ In My Heart
  22. Close To My Heart (What’d close to your heart?)
  23. Commanded To Love (John 13:34)
  24. Decorated Hearts
  25. Desiring God
  26. Endless Love
  27. Enduring Love – (God's love goes on forever)
  28. Everything's Coming Up Hearts (Growing love in our hearts and lives)
  29. Extravagant Love – (Woman with alabaster jar of ointment – Matthew 26:6-13. Do we give all of ourselves to Christ because we love Him?)
  30. Finding Heart - (Taking courage in Christ)
  31. Forget Me Not ("...forget not all his benefits." Psalm 103:2)
  32. Get Smart With Your Heart
  33. Gift of Love (John 3:16)
  34. Giving Hearts
  35. God Is Love (See the printable theme set for this theme)
  36. God's Love Letter (Word of God)
  37. Heart Cries
  38. Heart Healthy
  39. Heart Smart
  40. Heart Songs (Study in Psalms)
  41. Heart Strings
  42. Heart To Heart
  43. How Sweet it is!
  44. Hugs and Kisses (How God's love brings us through rough times)
  45. Illuminated by Love (How Christ's Love helps us see clearer
    and get on the right path in life. Paul on road to Damascus)
  46. Incline My Heart Unto Thee (1 Kings 8:58; Psalm 119:36)
  47. In My Heart There Rings A Melody (Joyful because of God's love)
  48. Jesus Loves Me This I Know
  49. Join the Conversation
  50. Journey To The Heart (Christ's journey to Calvary; How much He loves us)
  51. Joyful Hearts
  52. Joy of My Heart
  53. Keys to my Heart
  54. Lasting Love (Jer. 31:3)
  55. Let Me Count The Ways! (Ways in which God shows His love to us)
  56. Let's Get Heart Smart!
  57. Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places (Prodigal Son story)
  58. Love Bears All
  59. Love Conquers All
  60. Love One Another
  61. Love Is A Verb (Does our action for Christ show our love for Him?)
  62. Love Is In The Air
  63. Love Letters
  64. Love Letter From God
  65. Love Lifted Me
  66. Love Makes The World Go Round
  67. Love Never Fails (God's Unfailing Love - 1 Corinthians 13. Focus - vs. 8)
  68. Love One Another
  69. Love So Amazing!
  70. Love Shared
  71. Love Struck
  72. Love...The Greatest Gift (John 3:16)
  73. Love Worth Celebrating
  74. Loving Hearts - Helpful Hands (Showing your love for others)
  75. Matters of the Heart
  76. Message of Love
  77. Musical Hearts
  78. Music of The Heart
  79. No Greater Love
  80. Open Your Heart (Breaking down barriers and letting Christ
    flow through you)
  81. Out of the Heart (What flows out?... Matthew 15:19, Mark 7:21)
  82. Paper Valentines
  83. Perfect Love
  84. Pure Hearts (2 Tim. 2:22)
  85. Romance in My Heart
  86. Ruler of My Heart (Showing love for Christ by letting go and
    letting Him take control)
  87. Share God's Love -
  88. Sing of Love
  89. Sweet Valentine
  90. S.W.A.K. (God seals us with His love)
  91. Take It To Heart
  92. The Court of Love (Castle, princess theme ideas)
  93. The King of Love
  94. The Way that He Loves
  95. The Wonders of God's Love
  96. Valentine's Mail Stop
  97. Where's The Romance?
  98. Wise Hearts (Proverbs 10:8)
  99. Wisdom From The Heart
  100. Wonderful Story of Love
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