Tried and True Women's Ministry Theme

Tried and True
Women's Ministry Theme

Julia Bettencourt

Posted October 9, 2012 (originally posted to my blog)

Spiritual Application

Being tried and true.  Going through trials and coming out the other end.  Job is a good example of being tried and true.

Learning from things that are tried and true--methods, friends, products, recipes. 

Theme Verse Suggestions

But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.  Job 23:10

Devotional/Lesson Suggestions

Tried and True by Julia

Responding to Trials Handout 

The second page of the handout includes the outline for this devotional.

Responding to Trials

Download in a PDF File

Job:  Tried and True Bible Study 

Contains some passages from Job to read and questions to answer.

Trials Lesson

Download Tried and True Bible Study Questions in PDF File

Just a note---When you open the Answer Key, the front cover is the same as the Study Questions, but the answers are on the pages.

Download Tried and True Answer Key in PDF File

Enduring the Pits by Julia

More Devotionals by Julia

Alternative Theme Titles

Tried and True

Trials and Triumphs

Some through the Fire

Tradgedies to Triumphs


See the Out of the Pits Theme


Color:  any

Cherry themed items (trials are the "pits")


Discussion Starter Questions:

What is the biggest trial you have ever faced?

How did you get through it?

How did you react to God during this time?

Icebreaker Index


I Must Tell Jesus  (Elisha A. Hoff­man)

God Leads us Along (In shady green pastures...)


Anything embellished with a cherry


Cherry pitter

Tissue packet

See my blog for creative favor ideas.

Door Prizes

Book of encouraging verses or quotes

Devotional book

Bag or basket

Fill with chocolate candy, box of tissues, small pocket book of inspirational quotes, devotional book.

Door Prize Ideas for Women

Door Prize Tips

Just for Fun

Share a cherry recipe.

Cherry Recipe Form Printable

Download Cherry Recipe Form in PDF File

Group Project:

Ahead of time choose a person or family to encourage.

Have your ladies bring in items to make an encouragement basket to deliver.

Depending on the need, it could be household items, food/pantry items, or just fun things to encourage someone.

Food and Serving

Cherry: pie, cake, cobbler, cookies

Fresh cherries and fruit dip

Hospitality in Women's Ministry

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Credit: Artwork for downloads by Trina Clark. Digi Scrap Kits.

This theme is geared for you to take a few ideas for a small meeting or take several for a larger event. These are suggestions for you to build upon.  Be creative...Julia

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