Women's Ministry Theme List
Julia Bettencourt

These are not complete themes, but theme "titles" only to help spark your creativity and aid you in planning your Spring women's ministry meetings, events, and activities. They might be helpful just to name your Spring Banquet or get an initial idea for a spring devotional. They could also be helpful titles for a bulletin board display for Spring.

Spring Women's Ministry Theme Ideas

The complete Spring Themes that are on the website are listed with a link.

  1. A Celebration of Spring
  2. A Spiritual Audit (tax time!)
  3. A Spring Garden (Spiritual Gardening)
  4. Bloom Where You are Planted
  5. Blossom In Springtime
  6. Bouquet of Blessings
  7. Buzzin' Along (Bee)
  8. Easter Themes (Topics Only)
  9. Even the Sparrows (birds)
  10. Everything's Coming Up Flowers
  11. Flower Power (make it a girly theme)
  12. Flying High with Prayer (kites)
  13. F.R.O.G.
  14. Frogs Croaking! Rain Soaking! (FROG--Fully Rely On God)
  15. Garden Party
  16. Godly Lady (ladybugs)
  17. Growing in...Fragrant Beauty (Rose)
  18. His Eye is on the Sparrow
  19. Hop Into Spring
  20. Keep Me Spinning! (Pinwheels)
  21. Mother's Day Themes (Topics Only)
  22. New Life (starting anew)
  23. Nurturing Your Soul (tending your garden/heart)
  24. On Butterfly Wings
  25. Seeds of Faith
  26. Seeds of Kindness
  27. Spring Awakening (revival in your heart)
  28. Spring Ahead (moving ahead spiritually)
  29. Spring Breezes
  30. Spring Clean Up
  31. Spring Fever (Your love to serve Christ)
  32. Spring Growth
  33. Spring Has Sprung
  34. Spring Into Action!
  35. Spring Into Service
  36. Spring Is Blooming
  37. Spring Is In the Air!
  38. Spring Training (Great time to train leaders and helpers)
  39. Spring Trip! (The Road to Service/Faith, etc.)
  40. Signs of Spring
  41. Showers and Flowers
  42. Showers of Blessing
  43. Sing the Spring in! (music and praise)
  44. SON-sational Spring!
  45. Swing Into Spring!
  46. Taking Flight (birds--wings of faith)
  47. The Secret Garden (Garden - Prayer)
  48. The Trees of the Field (Forest)
  49. Up! Up! and Away! (hot air balloons)
  50. Upsy-Daisy
  51. "Weather" or Not (on Blog)
  52. When Spring Comes (are you ready to grow?)
Spring Fellowship Suggestions:
  • Spring Brunch
  • Garden Party
  • Fellowship while planting flowers in your church yard.
  • Fellowship while doing some spring cleaning at your church.
  • Spring Talent Show
  • Spring Fashion Show

    More Themes:
  • More Theme Topic Lists
  • Find full themes on the website with theme verse, devotional suggestion, decorating ideas and much more!

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