Midieval Theme Ideas

Ultimate Survial (Medieval Version)
Women's Ministry Theme

Julia Bettencourt

Posted May 01, 2002

Spiritual Application

This theme centers around the Armor of God found in Ephesians chapter 6. 

A Christian Survival (medieval) Theme.

Theme Verse Suggestions

Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand  against the wiles of the devil.  Ephesians 6:11

Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.  Ephesians 6:13

Devotional/Lesson Suggestions

Ultimate Survival by Julia

Survival Topic Devotional Starter 

Study different battles we have in our lives such as how we battle with circumstances, disappointments, temptation, etc.

Earnestly Contending by Julia (Standing for the faith)

Watch out for the Wiles! by Julia

More Devotionals by Julia

Alternative Theme Titles

Ultimate Survival

Going Forth Into Battle

Forward Against the Foe

Battling With Zeal

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! 

Into the Battle We Go! 

Storming the Walls of the World

Surviving This Ole' Sinful World

Having Done All To Stand 

The Whole Armour of God

A Soldier in God's Army

Onward Christian Soldiers


Color:  any

Your guests should be taken back into time to a land of castles, knights, and even dragons if you want.

Gather up lots of large plants and greenery to place about.

Tall candle holders and candelabras

Try to find some ornate old world looking items such as goblets, bowels and vases of silver or even wood.

Use garlands of greenery and fruit.

You can make some princess cone hats to put on the tables.

Focal Point:  Mural of a Castle or of a Knight With Armor

Focal Point: Throne

Make a throne using a high back chair.

If you can't find anything in the right style, cover any high back chair with a velveteen type fabric in a rich color such as red or purple. 

You could have a robe and a crown on hand for photo props.

Focal Point:  Picture Prop (for larger event)

Paint a soldier in a suit of armor on plywood.  

Cut out the face to have your guests peek their heads through to have photos taken of them in the suit of armor. 

You could also draw some ladies in medieval outfits and cut out the faces to use as a photo opt.

Focal Point: Drawbridge (for larger event)

As they arrive have a drawbridge and mote for them to cross.

If you have the skills and materials, make a small bridge with hand rail made of plywood.  Decorate the hand rails with garlands of greenery.

You could just lay down some playwood sheets to work as a drawbridge.  


Pall Mall

This is a Midieval game in which balls and mallets were used.

It is where our game, crochet, comes from, so if you have the facilities, you could play some crochet.

Table Top Castle Challenge

Make 2 to 4 castle base constructions (depending on how many you will need).

Shape with cardboard first.  Toilet paper rolls make nice turret forms. 

Give each team lots of various crackers, cookies, candies, and food items.

Give each team plenty of icing. 

Have the teams compete to decorate the castles. 

Give them a time limit.

Icebreaker Index


Have some Classical, Renaissance style playing in the background.

V Is For Victory   Wendell P. Loveless

He Is Able  Paul E. Paino

When the Battle's Over  Isaac Watts

Am I a Soldier of the Cross?  Isaac Watts 

Onward Christian Soldiers  Sabine Baring-Gould


Christian Survival Kits

Princess Cone Hats

These can double as table decorations.

Fuse material on to poster board.  Roll and shape into a cone shaped hat and staple.

Staple a long length of tulle off of the top to hang down.

You can embellish as you want with lace, sequins, craft bobbles.

See my blog for creative favor ideas.

Door Prizes


Ornate looking serving tray

Book with fairy tale stories of knights, castles, and kings.




Door Prize Ideas for Women

Door Prize Tips

Just for Fun


Have a "crier" to herald your announcements or give out doorprizes.

They can even dress the part. 

Have a scroll for them to read from. 

Make sure they start everything with "Hear Ye! Hear Ye!".

Parchment Invitations

If you have a small number of invitations to send out, make them from parchment paper, written in a calligraphy or old world font.

Make them into scrolls tied up with ribbons.

Dress Up - Have the ladies dress in medieval costumes.

Food and Serving

Learn a little about Medieval Foods.

You may not want to plan your whole meal with Medieval foods, but there may be some fun things to put on the menu and try or you may just want to share some history about these type of foods. Check online for sources.

Platters of veggies and fruit

Hospitality in Women's Ministry

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Island Theme Ideas

This theme is geared for you to take a few ideas for a small meeting or take several for a larger event. These are suggestions for you to build upon.  Be creative...Julia

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