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When Life Gives You Lemons
Women's Ministry Theme

This theme revolves around making the most of our circumstances.

Lemon Event Theme Ideas

  • Turning Obstacles into Opportunities
  • Turning Trials Into Triumph
  • Count It All Joy!
  • It is Well
  • Lemonade and Sunshine (for summer event)

    Theme Verse Suggestions
  • "...count it all joy..."   James 1:2
  • "...For I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to
    be content."   Philippians 4:11
  • "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."  Romans 8:28

    Devotional Suggestions
  • Queen Esther Beneath The Lemon Tree by Julia
  • Study on Promises: Bible verses concerning Bible promises are a big encouragement that we rely on when 'lemons' come.
  • Lesson Handout   Promises Handout
  • Devotionals by Julia

    Color Scheme
    Bright yellow (lemon color) and something to enhance it. Royal blue with yellow is a great combination.

    General Decorations
  • Decorate with lots of lemons. Fill bowls or containers.
  • Find some sources and inspiration for this theme:
    Lemonade Theme Pin Board (Julia's Pinterest Pin Board)

    For The Tables
  • When we drink lemonade we usually think of summer, so try using plaid tablecloths.
  • Use greenery garland down your tables with lemons placed periodically.
  • Free printables for tables.
  • Printable Lemonade Cupcake Toppers (Babalisme Blog)
  • Printable Lemonade Napkin Rings (Babalisme Blog)

    Focal Point
    Use a real potted lemon tree or make one for a wall with craft paper. Make construction paper lemons for it.

    Games and Ice-breakers
  • Icebreakers Index.

  • Every Day With Jesus (Robert C. Loveless)
  • God Will Make A Way (Don Moen)
  • Cheer Up Ye Saints of God
  • It is Well

  • Lemon Drop Cups:   Place lemon drop candies in nut cups
  • Lemon Juice (the kind you get in the shape of a lemon)
  • Water Bottle with lemonade packet.
  • Printable Lemon Slice Labels (could easily be used as tags for favors. From Wendolina Blog)
  • Craft and Favor Ideas.

    Just For Fun
  • Printable Lemondade Invitations (Babalisme Blog)
  • Make a Lemon Recipe Book
    This is a do ahead project.--Gather up lemon recipes from your ladies and place them together in book form.
  • Make 'Lemon' Invitations (paper)
    Make lemon shape invitations out of cardstock.
  • Make 'Lemon' Invitations (real)
    If this is for a small group meeting, take lemons and place your meeting info on it with a permanent felt tip marker.
  • Share Some Lemon Tips.
  • Share The Story Behind the hymn, It Is Well.

  • Anything dealing with Lemons.
  • Basket filled with Lemons
  • Lemon Tree Seedling
  • Lemon Tea (Take a teacup and saucer and package up with lemon flavored tea)
  • Lemon Recipe Book
  • Devotional Book or book of encouragement
  • See the Door Prize Ideas

  • Skits Page

    Food Suggestions
  • DIY Lemonade Cookie (Amy Atlas Blog)
  • If serving punch, use lemon slices to float in punch bowl.
  • Have lemon slices for tea.
  • Serve lemon pound cake.
  • Lemon Squares
  • Printable Recipe for Lemon Cups (Don't Eat the Paste)
  • Printable Recipe and Tag for Lemon Curd (All Free Crafts)
  • Food Resource Page
  • Entertaining Page

    Other Ideas
  • Need more ideas for this theme or want to share your own?
    Go to our CLM Facebook Page for interaction. Be sure to "like" the page!
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