Women's Ministry Kick Off Ideas

Kick Off Themes
for Women's Ministry

Julia Bettencourt

Posted September 15, 2007

These are not complete themes, but theme "titles only" to help spark your creativity and aid you in planning your women's ministry Kick-Off events for your year.  

There are a few complete ones on the website.  I put those in this list as well.  They are linked.

This can be a great time to highlight your women's ministry projects and activities and get everyone excited about your women's ministry.


  • A Good Fit (puzzles - each woman is a missing piece, fitting together)
  • Anchors Away For Women's Ministry (ship - sea)
  • Catch The Vision!
  • Gear Up For Women's Ministry (gear or hiking gear)
  • Fan The Flames of Women's Ministry (fans)
  • Get A Clue! (Mystery--- Unveil your women's ministry plans)
  • Get On Board! (train station - Share your "destination" for women's ministry)
  • Get The Scoop On Women's Ministry (ice cream)
  • Jump Into Women's Ministry
  • Looking Back and Moving Forward
  • Mission Possible
  • On the Right Track (train)
  • Reaching New Heights (Mountain Climbing)
  • Right On The Dot With Women's Ministry
  • Rise And Shine (Rising to the Occasion of service and involvement--Shining God's Light through Women's Ministry)
  • Round Table (castles--- Round Table of Planning)
  • Sail Into Action (boats, lighthouses)
  • Star Search (stars - finding those willing to shine bright by serving and getting involved)
  • Symphony of Service (music--- working for the women's ministry in harmony)
  • Team Up With Women's Ministry (sports - teamwork)
  • Up Up And Away With Women's Ministry (balloons)
  • Wake Up To Women's Ministry


  • Spring Into Action
  • Spring Into Service
  • Catch the Fever!


  • Dive Into Women's Ministry
  • Catch The Waves


  • Fall Into Service (fall into....)
  • Fire Up For Fall
  • Floatin' Into Fall (Serve Root Beer Floats)
  • Floating Into Fall (Balloons)
  • In Gear For Fall
  • Jump Into Fall (Fall Leaves)
  • Something To Crow About (Crows)


  • Catching The Drift
  • It's Snowing Service (What we can all do if we stick together. Like a lot of snowflakes.)
  • Ready, Set, Snow!
  • Skating Into Service
  • Warming Up To Service

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