Ice Cream Social Party

Ice Cream Social
Women's Ministry Theme

Julia Bettencourt

Posted January 22, 2011
Updated June 17, 2014

Spiritual Application

Can focus on the sweetness of God's Word, scoops of blessings, or the sweetness of Christ.

Ice Cream social designed for a fun get-together for fellowship.

Theme Verse Suggestions

How sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth!  Psalm 119:103

Devotional/Lesson Suggestions

Ice Cream Devotional Starters

Beat the Heat! by Julia

Devotionals by Julia

Alternative Theme Titles

Beat the Heat

Get the Scoop!

I Scream - You Scream

Ice Cream Social

Keep Your Cool!

Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social

Scoops of Blessings

Scoops of Excitement

Sprinkles of Fun

Sweet Summer

Summer Chill Out

Treat Yourself to God's Word!

With Blessings on Top

Various Ice Cream Get-Together Ideas

Ice Cream Tasting

Buy small containers. 

Have plastic spoons for tasting.

Have your ladies rate the flavors.

Ice Cream Tasting Sheet

Download in a PDF File

Banana Split Night

Ice Cream

Flavored Syrups

Various Toppings (nuts, sprinkles, cherries)


Whipped Cream

Milkshake Night


Ice Cream


Candy Bars if making flurries


Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social

Various types of ice cream

If homemade - ice cream machines or have specified people to make ahead.

Flavored Syrups 

Have the ladies bring in different toppings. (sprinkles, crushed cookies, candies, etc.)

Ice Cream Bar (Buffet)

Various types of ice cream

If homemade - ice cream machines or have specified people to make ahead.

Lots of toppings of all kinds


Various cone types

Flavored Syrups

Have the ladies bring in different toppings. (sprinkles, crushed cookies, candies, etc.)


Color:  any

Ice cream parlor look 

Stripped fabrics such as pink and white

Large sugar cones made out of cardstock


Cones filled with candy (tie up with cellophane)

Cones filled with hot chocolate mix (tie up with cellophane)

Baked cupcakes in ice cream cones

Chocolate mix inside of an ice cream cone (tie up with cellophane)

Ice cream scoop 

See my blog for creative favor ideas.

Door Prizes

Set of sundae Cups

Gift basket of ice cream bowls (or sundae Cups) or box of ice cream cones, sars of ice cream toppings, bag of nuts, peanuts, or other fun toppings.

Gift card for grocery store (to buy ice cream of course)

Gift card to an ice cream shop such as Cold Stone

Ice Cream scoop

Door Prize Ideas for Women

Door Prize Tips

Just for Fun

Ice Cream Socials are great functions to have talent shows or skits.

Having an Ice Cream Buffet?

Assign toppings for each lady to bring to your event. 

See the Food and Serving category below for topping ideas.

Making Homemade Ice Cream?

Have those who have them, bring in their machines.

Make sure you have all the ingredients and things needed to make your ice cream.

Is your function is church-wide?

Be sure to have a few games or activities for the kids. 

Simple games are best. 

For younger kids you could make a large ice cream or sundae on a poster and have them "pin the cherry" on the top.

Food and Serving

Ice Cream (purchased or homeade)

Ice Cream cake

Ice Cream sandwiches (use homemade cookies and make your own)

Hospitality in Women's Ministry

Buffet Toppings:


Gummy bears

Small candies such as M&Ms and Skittles

Chopped nuts  (be careful of using peanuts because of allergies)

Crushed candies

Crushed cookies




Whipped topping

Fruit such as peaches, bananas, pineapple 

Ice Cream Holders:

Waffle cone bowls

Sugar or cake cones

Waffles (homemade or purchased)

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Credit: Artwork for download by Trina Clark. Digi Scrap Kits.

This theme is geared for you to take a few ideas for a small meeting or take several for a larger event. These are suggestions for you to build upon.  Be creative...Julia

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