Usually these themes are geared for Women only events, but a Game Night is sometimes fun church-wide.

Game Night Women's Theme Ideas

Game Night
Women's Ministry Theme

Julia Bettencourt

Posted 2011

Spiritual Application

Getting your head into the game of living the Christian life to the best of your ability.

Theme Verse Suggestions

...Choose you this day whom ye will serve...   Joshua 24:15

Devotional/Lesson Suggestions

Get Your Head in the Game! by Julia

More Devotionals by Julia

Alternative Theme Titles

You may not want a "title" for your Game Night but some of these might make good invitation phrases for flyers or posters to advertise with.

Get Your Head in the Game

Get on Board!

Get Your Game On!

It's Your Turn for Game Night

Fun in a Box

Get a Clue--Join us for Game Night

Use Your Cranium--Join Us!

Are You Game for Fun?

Bored? Hop on Board for Game Night!

Our Pursuit for Fun is not Trivial


Color:  any

Keep a casual atmosphere.

For game night, the point is to have fun so less is probably more for sure for this theme.  You don't want everyone to have to do a lot of clean up for this one.  So, though you don't necessarily need much, I'll list a few ideas for you.

Check yard sales and thrift shops for board games.  You don't necessarily need all the game pieces to be included because you are just going to use the boards, etc. from the games for decoration.

Make large dominoes out of construction paper or go big scaled with a few from poster-board.  Cut out circles for the dots.

Add game or puzzle pieces to the bottom of clear vases for centerpieces.

You'll be playing games on the table, so you could skip table decorations for this one.


Sword Drill/Bible Challenge

Give Scripture references and have everyone use their Bibles to be the first to find each one. 

If you are going to do this, make sure you tell everyone ahead of time to bring their Bibles.

If you are having a lot of unchurched ladies, you may not want to hold a Sword Drill but if it is just for you regular attendees, it can help keep skills alive.  

Knowing where things are in your Bible is a good thing and something we should be challenged to do.

Give a few Bible trivia questions.

Icebreaker Index


I Have the Joy, Joy, Joy Down in My Heart


Colorful bandannas to designate teams.

Door Prizes

Any type of board game

Uno or card type game
Crossword puzzle or word search pads
Movie box candy
Boxed puzzle
Game Gift Basket

Put in a board game and card game such as UNO, microwave popcorn, movie type candy, etc.

Door Prize Ideas for Women

Door Prize Tips

Just for Fun

Keep at eye out during your Game Night and give out a trophy (could just be some type of doorprize) at the end to the "loudest", "quietest", "most skilled", "slowest" (at taking their turn), etc. player.

Be sure if your Game Night is church-wide, that you set up a few younger age games like Chutes and Ladders or Hi Ho Cheerio for the younger ones.

Table Hosts

If you are setting up several games, then choose hosts for each of those games ahead of time.  Choose somebody that knows the rules to that game and can give a simple overview of the rules so everybody is on the same page.

We all tend to have our "own" rules for the most popular games so a quick overview might be good for some of them.

Food and Serving

Snack-able food such as dips and chips, cookies, bowls of nuts and M&Ms, mini pizzas.

Hospitality in Women's Ministry

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This theme is geared for you to take a few ideas for a small meeting or take several for a larger event. These are suggestions for you to build upon.  Be creative...Julia

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