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The Classic Christian Woman
Women's Ministry Theme

This theme highlights being a Classic Woman of God. Great for a Mother-Daughter Banquet.

Classic Woman Theme Ideas

    Alternative Theme Titles
  • The Classic Lady
  • No Imitations
  • Discovery of A Classic
  • The Classy Classic Lady
  • One of A Kind
  • Classic Christians

    Theme Verse Suggestions
  • "I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.    Romans 12:1

  • Classic Christian Woman
  • Devotionals by Julia

    Color Scheme
  • Any colors combination. Flamingo pink would be a fun accent color.

    General Decorating
  • Gather up some classics of any type to add to your decorations. Classic books, classic toys and games, pictures or models of classic cars, kitchen items such as old Tupperware pieces, classic clothing articles, and classic decorative items such as pink flamingos (you could stake them in greenery pots).

    For The Tables
  • Use some of the smaller classic items on tables.
  • How about a few Chia pets?
  • Some smaller classic toys on the tables that your guests could fiddle with before your function would be fun such as tops, yo-yo's, Slinkies, and Rubik's Cubes.

    Focal Point
  • Tablescape - Make a tabletop display with some classic items using a red wagon (Radio Flyer) as the centerpiece filled with other classics (A Betty Crocker Cookbook, soda bottles, Monopoly game, etc.)
  • Classic Car Mural - Make a mural of a classic car for a backdrop for photos. A pink Cadillac would be fun.
  • Soda Shop - Set up a small area into a Soda Shop.

    Games and Ice-breakers
  • Bubble Blowing - Give your guests each 2 or 3 pieces of Bazooka Bubble gum to see who can blow the biggest bubble.
  • Hula Hoop - Choose 3 or 4 ladies to participate in a hula hoop contest. Give them each a hula hoop and see who can hula hoop the longest.
  • Icebreakers Index.

  • Have some classic songs playing softly in the background before your event.

  • Favor Verse Tags. (CLM)
  • Girly Matchbox Cars (pink Cadillac, fun colored cars. There's all kinds to choose from.)
  • Classic Candy (Bazooka Bubblegum or any classic candy bar).
  • Crafts and Favors Page.

    Just For Fun
  • Classic Car Ride - If you know someone with or have access to a classic car, give rides around the block. Use for a backdrop for photos too.
  • Workshop Idea - Have someone teach how to make a classic recipe such as for a pie crust and apple pie.

  • Classic Family Game such as Monopoly, Checkers, Dominoes,Scrabble, etc.
  • Classic Books such as Little Women, Little House books (Wilder),Anne of Green Gables etc.
  • Cookbook with Classic Recipes (there are several on the market)
  • Sundae Gift Basket (2 Sundae dishes, ice cream toppings, 2 long spoons, package of nuts, small jar of Maraschino cherries.)
  • Doorprize Page.

  • Skits Page.

    Food Suggestions
  • Fondue
  • Jello Molds
  • Anything that is a classic treat
  • Food Resource Page
  • Entertaining Page.

    Other Ideas
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