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Games and Puzzles for Ladies Ministry

Games and Puzzles are great for using after everyone arrives at your ladies meetings for an ice-breaker, but they are also something that can be printed up and left out for your ladies to work on while waiting for everyone to show up and start your meeting/event. It's a small thing that can get your ladies to laugh and talk a little with each other.

Printable Games and Quizzes

Newest in the listing highlighted in pink

(Not a "game" but a game help)
Christmas Charades
Festive Attire (Ugly Sweater) Game
Ladies Fellowship - Retreat Game
"It's the Little Things" Game
Slogan Game
Bible Numbers Quiz
Weather Word Search
  • Weather Word Search (on blog)
  • On same page as Wind Devotional Outline
  • See the Weather Theme Ideas (on same blog post as printable)
Biblical Couples Matching Game
Bear Knowledge Game
Left/Right and Pass the Gift Games
  • Left - Right Games  Gift Exchange Games
  • These are ones I've collected over time. I don't have the origins of them. I put them in one file for my own benefit and thought I'd share with you. I did rewrite and change up the first one into a Ladies Meeting Game to recruit volunteers. It had been a home business recruit game.
Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt
"Lost" Game
Music Guessing Game
Purse Game
Flower Quiz
Who Are You?
  • Who Are You? (modern speak)  Who Are You? (modern speak) (Artwork by Trina Clark)
  • Can be used as an extra exchange paper for Secret Sisters or have your ladies fill them out and read some of the answers outloud and see who can guess who is who.
Cleaning Product Quiz
Women of Bible Search
St. Patrick Green Game
Bird Quiz

All Trina Clark and Alice Smith artwork for these puzzles
was purchased through Digi Scrap Kits.
Some graphics were acquired through the Graphics Fairy Blog.

See the Main Game and Ice breaker Page for more ideas.

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